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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well The Free Gift Ride Is Over!

Apparently Zynga finally caught on to ability that users can collect from a users free gifts for multiple days as well as collect the same links again after 24 hrs. This was due to the same issue so when one is fixed so is the other.

Well it was good while it lasted..
I hope everybody got all the terracotta tiles and stone columns they needed because its back to normal from now on. And by that I mean you just have to collect from more people rather than a select few who keep archives. So don't bother trying over and over again to collect from the same person or from old archives. A small amount of them (depending on when they were posted) still work. But chances are they just won't and might actually lead to you account being flagged for suspicious activity and automatically suspended! So be forewarned..

This all ties into their new support system that they initiatedand has automated account management which has lead to a higher rate of Temporary Suspensions than normal.. And as you can see their support site is still down due to the upgrade.. It's just another step forward for the machines!

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