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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thrill Of The Hunt Event!

Well hopefully you have had the event for a couple days now, but for some of us it just finally showed up earlier today! (Or started working earlier today) But anyway, It's another mission event, do some simple yet time consuming tasks and get some great rewards and experience!

No White Knights
Get support from your mafia (6x) (Free Gift Requests)
Build 2 Armors
Job: Wiretap the Cops (10x)

Plug The Leaks
Fight 24 opponents in New York
Ice 3 opponents in New York

Ferret Them Out
Ask for 5 Hot Tips from your mafia.
Rob 15 times in New York
Loot 8 Computer Set-Ups (Rob an Electronics Store)

Win 15 fights in Las Vegas
Take out 7 Witness Bodyguards (Requires 10 Stamina)
Job: Create A Distraction On The Floor (20x)
Build 1 Vehicle

Moving Target
Collect from your Winery 2 times
Loot 12 Alarm Codes from job (Buy Some Black-Market Info)
Take out 9 Witness Bodyguards (Requires 10 Stamina)

Last But Not Least
Get support from your mafia (8x). (Free Gift Requests)
Clear 1 robbing board

Civil Upset
Win 18 fights in Italy
Loot 10 Motor Oils from fights
Job: Show A Business Owner Who's In Charge (12x) (Napoli)

The Hard Way
Buy 2 Items From Port
Loot 13 Gas Cans (Job: Recruit Some Local Muscle or Set Up Your Operation in a Renovated Skyscraper)
Ice 7 opponents in Italy

Judge and Jury
Get support from your mafia (7x) (Free Gift Requests)
Collect from your Tenement 1 time
Loot 12 Sets of Blackmail Photos from robbing
Job: Burn Down a Tenement (15x)

Friday, April 29, 2011

New NY Property Upgrades & Build Items!

Well it's about time they gave the armory and zoo a few more upgrades! Now you can build each up to level 15! And if you want you can spend some reward points to get them built at a discounted price! Otherwise it's just the normal items required, so get to it and build some great new items! And at least there's a few things worth it!

Terminator Vs Rambo Event!

It's time for another collection event similar to the superbowl showdown event. Collect 10 free gifts and win the round. Do it 5 times for each side and collect the maximum number of prizes for whoever wins! So get started and get some loot!

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Featured Marketplace Item!

Another week another new item hits the market! This time it's another animal with some impressive attack stats!

Get a Free Health Point From Zynga!

Don't miss out on a free health point from Zynga for being a Loyal Player! Collect yours now!

New Free Gift Reset Time!

Well, in the past the reset time for free gifts had always been 12pm PST (8am GMT) and they just recently made a change, which in my opinion cause pretty much all the issue people were having with the last collection event, it saying you still have collected all you available spiders was because when you thought it was the previous day, it was actually the next! Now no matter where you are or what time zone you're in the timer will reset at midnight each day! So remember the time change for future use! It'll save a lot of trouble!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

RewardVille Bingo!

Well they've added a little bonus game to the rewardville system. It's called RewardVille Bingo. It's just a block of 9 squares with each one of Zynga's games randomly placed in it. Line up 3 in a row from playing their games and get a prize. Do it 5 days in a row and get a super bonus, whatever that is.. zPoints to zCoins and gift items, who knows?

After completing the first week it gives you a head start on the next by automatically completing day 1 if you continue your streak! So every 4 days you can get the biggest bonus possible!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Crack The Safe!

It's time to crack the safe again! Anybody that got the last crack the safe event will get the second version which just requires you to invite 5 new mafia members. Rather then doing the whole list of bs again. Now they just have to be new to your mafia so start inviting some new friends..

Once you crack the safe and collect your reward it resets when you refresh the game and you can play it again! so get inviting and get some pretty decent loot!!

Arachnophobia Event & Spider Issues!

Well with the event winding down today and the ability to send harmless spiders to your mafia will be coming to an end so send them out! But the issue with a large amount of players is the ability to accept them. And I happen to be one of those having issues, where it lets me collect one day and then can't for 2. So more than half of the event I have been unable to collect my 40 harmless spiders a day. 

Make sure you contact support and let them know you are one of the ones affected, as this seems to happen every loot event it will help them diagnose the problem for now and in the future. Plus you might get something in return for your time and trouble. So make sure to get a hold of support! 

Click here to find out how to get chat support instantly!

Red, Blue, & Superhero Mystery Collection!

Well the Red & Blue Mystery Bags have finally gotten a face-lift. And to accompany their new looks comes a new collection. And it's superhero themed. So get collecting **Jumping For Joy!** (Sarcasm) and vault for a 20 skill point bonus! Just hopefully they bring back the wishlist items in the mystery bags which are no longer dropping..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Pawn Shop Items!

Well there's some new pawn shop items in stock now, may not be the one pictured in the ad, but they are worth the time to go check out!

Can't go wrong with that..

Against All Odds Event!

Well it's another mission event but with a little bonus mastery thrown on top! And we're hitting up Vegas this time, get 3x mastery bonus and pick up some special loot while your at it! Get some special items for mastering the missions and some extra loot for doing jobs and fighting in Vegas! So Get to it!

Fickle Lady Luck
Get Support From Your Mafia (6x).
Loot 10 Set of Cards From Robbing.

Make Them Squeal
Rob 15 Times In Las Vegas.
Take Out 12 Stubborn Con Artists.(8 Stamina Each)
Build 2 Weapons.

Get Support From Your Mafia (8x)
Take Out 10 Neo-Imperium Operatives
Loot 16 Sets Of Illegal Transaction Records
 (Job: Steal Bank Records In NY or Break Into A Luxury Suite in LV)

Process of Elimination
Ice Opponents In Las Vegas (6x)
Rob Table Games (8x)

Fight Opponents in Las Vegas (24x)
Clear 1 Robbing Board
Collect From Your Restaurant (3x)

The Last Hurrah
Get  Support From Your Mafia (8x)
Buy Off A Crooked Border Agent
Defeat John Yun (Boss Fight: 22,000 Health)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Energy Timer!

Now that the mini-packs are gone we're back to the normal full 125% energy boost but this time the timer resets every 8 hours instead of 23! Most of the accounts were still experiencing a glitch where the timer was still showing 23 hours. But they have applied a fix last night that took care of that and you should now be able to use 3 energy packs a day using them once every 8 hours! It's better now that there's more, but I miss the mini's they were all I needed..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get A Free Swiss Banker!

There was a promotion a while back to get a free swiss banker when using paypal. It's not a high stat item but for any lower levels or collectors out there the link is still valid, so collect yours now!


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