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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Take Back The Street!

Well like we aren't already swamped by the normal missions for Brazil (65 of them in total) why not throw a mission event on top of it! Sure, why not! At least its something else to do! 

Just remember that after this event ends Bangkok will actually be locked out this time, they decided to extend the access to bangkok because so many people were rushing and trying to finish it, but didn't. So you better hurry if you haven't done that yet!

Origin Story
Get Support From Your Mafia (6x)
Rob 8 Times In Bangkok.
Build 1 Armory.

Boss Fight: John Yun. (Yun has 14,000)
Fight 25 Opponents in Bangkok.
Declare A War 2 Times.

Greed Is Great
Get Support From Your Mafia (7x).
Rob 12 Times In New York.
Boss Fight: Alex Nash. (Nash has 12,000)

Town Painted Red
Rob 10 times in Vegas.
Ask for 5 Backpacks from mafia.
Collect from your Poker Room 1 time. (Poker Room collects every 24 hours)

Battle: Las Vegas
Boss Fight: Victor Alves. (Alves has 18,000)
Ice 5 opponents in Vegas.
Declare a War 1 time.

Blood and Wine
Rob 13 times in Italy.
Collect from your Auto Boutique 1 time. (You can collect from Auto Boutique every 12 hours)
Boss Fight: Richie Carone. (Carone has 20,000)

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