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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To Post Free Gift Links!

OPTION 1: Link-A-Nator
To make it easy you can just Install The MW Operations Toolbar that has the necessary bookmarklets ready and available for you to use plus many more! Simple as that!

Otherwise you need to go to Spockholm Mafia Tools and will need to get Unframe-MW and Link-A-Nator.. (Unframe-MW is under Stable and Link-A-Nator is Under External Bookmarklets)

They're called "bookmarklets", they're like pre-made bookmarks that you can just drag up to your Bookmark / Links section of your browser!

Finally, Once you have "Unframe-MW" and "Link-A-Nator" accessible to you: load up mafia wars, click Unframe-MW, then go to your "Free Gifts Page" Under "My Mafia" and click "Link-a-Nator".. And follow the on-screen instructions from there.. its pretty simple..

OPTION 2: Mafia Wars Addon

There is an "Add-On" for Mafia Wars that you can install to chrome and firefox, it has a good majority of the features that the bookmark-lets from spockholm tools and code outpost let you accomplish but there is no need to Un-Frame and they are easily accessible and for the most part work better and are more pleasing to use.

See the full tutorial on how to use/install it


  1. Yesterday I was having a heck of a time creating gift links. No tiny urls for all checked free gifts came up as undefined, links that did come up went to the Error Pig and I didn't have any luck at all using Link-a-Nator.

    I was able to produce free gift links using MW Add-on.....

  2. Yeah, link-a-nator has been having issues continuing on after links that come back with errors, MW addon has the ability to continue after receiving an error. That's all..

  3. when I use the mass gift collector it use to read all the links on different pages but now it's not reading anything I also have a gifting sight in a forum group I try and gather all the links and past them and then push add but it won't post the links it goes to whatever page it on in the drop down are there any suggestion as to what I can do???

  4. There have been some issues lately, make sure you have the newest version of MW Addon, he has done some massive upgrades to the code. Other than that make sure it is authorized to view the feeds. Go to the main options and click the ask permissions link.

  5. I havent been able to post gift links for a week and used this for about 8 months now I keep downloading everyupdate up to 15 now but still nothing even re installed MW and tryed refreshing tool bar What has Zynga done now??



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