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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Final Ancient Relic Gift Released!

Finally! It's time to send out the last item to all your friends! Be fair to your mafia and send back as many as possible. As we know by now there is an opportunity to replay the event two times after first playing through. So the more gifts you send the better of you will be in the long run! As always remember to accept in game 1st and then in the Facebook manager. Don't miss out on any free gifts!  Get to sending!


This application has been floating around Facebook for over a year now and over the past few weeks I have seen it making a comeback and several of my friends have has their accounts taken over by it! 

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE USE THIS APPLICATION! It shows up under a number of aliases but the page it directs you to always looks the same! Once you hit login it will immediately gain access to all of your personal information including you password. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

There's a Crisis In Cuba!!

Well like usual ZYNGA is piling it all on us at once! No rest for the weary as they say! Well now its a crisis in cuba we're dealing with! At least now there are some missions to do until they fix the glitch that is going on with the City Missions not saying completed if you already beat the bosses. Guess they didn't think people could beat them b4 they released them, of course they thought wrong! 

Obviously it's a play on the Tragedy and Civil Unrest that is going on in Libya and the middle east right now, not sure if thats appropriate or not.. But regardless of being politically correct onto the missions at hand..

Mafia Wars Add-On Update!

New Mafia Wars Addon Update Available! Operations Center Updated The New Features from the release the other day and updated the interface a bit.. See more below..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facebook App Launched!

I have launched a facebook integrated Operations Sharing Application where there is absolutely no additional registration required and the App DOES NOT require any special permission what so ever!

Just Go to the app page, click "Like" and then go to the app! Now you can share your operations or find some to do! It's just as simple as that! So help me get it popular, the more users the better for all of us! So help spread the word!!

Go to the app now!!

Oh My Aching Heart! Their Back!?

WTF is going on down at Zynga!? first they extend the event, then it ends, now they bring it back for another couple days!? Wish we would've known of this before wasting the hearts I had on lesser items because I would rather just spend them then have let them go to waste! So thanks for nothing I guess! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Forget To Spend Those Broken Hearts!!

Well the Love is Hard To Find Event is wrapping up tonight at Midnight PST. So don't forget to buy some special loot with your broken hearts you have accumulated. Don't just let them go to waste. If you haven't collected your max for today start finding some.. And while you're at it, do some jobs, rob some bitches,  and beat some people down!! 

There's 1 Hour Left And The Counters Just Reset So Collect As Many As You Can! It's Like A Whole New Day!

And Remember.. Zynga doesn't care about your broken hearts :P

Major Mafia Wars Add-On Update Available!

New Mafia Wars Addon Update Available! You can now collect hearts through battlefield! See more below..

Download the MWAddon Cross Platform Plugin For Chrome so you can keep your settings between browsers!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ancient Relics Collection Event! (Here We Go Again)

Once again Zynga has graced us with another one of their WONDERFUL collection events. This time the theme is ancient relics. I guess it goes along with the new Egyptian crates you can buy in the marketplace. Got to give them credit for trying to still to a theme anyway.. Well as normal just send some free gifts out and start collecting, it's no different than any of the other events we have had in the past few months.

2x Mastery Boosts Have Limits Now!?

You have got to be kidding me!? Zynga has always made a point to restrict the prizes in this game, but now the 2x mastery boosts!? Now I have been getting 50+ A DAY for the past 6 months or so and as of a week ago It would say its accepting them but only 5-10 would actually accept and then the rest would show up back in my inbox! Well here's why..

Now the really ridiculous thing is that every couple of days i have been contacting zynga and they NEVER ONCE SAID that there is such a cap in place, so apparently THEY don't even know about it. Well that makes sense, they are always uninformed on the ongoings of their own business! Well I guess you can only accept 5 now! But you can send as many out as you want and still get those when the person accepts them.. so there is still some good in this.. Just don't waste your time trying to accept more than 5 in a day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zynga Has Automated Account Suspensions!!

It appears that Zynga has further enhanced their automated suspension system. As I stated the other day they seem to have switched over their support system and this new suspension activity seems to tie in with that switch. They have now delegated more control of account management over to their automated systems. (The machines are taking over!! Run!!) This is not good for people who enjoy the use scripts and bookmarklets. Their automated system is apparently looking for abnormal or inhuman like activity which can range from doing multiple tasks simultaneously to the rate at which you are able to complete said tasks,obviously it takes longer than ZERO seconds for a page to load and for you to react to it!

Read the full article and how to prevent your account from being in danger here.

Pick Up A Free Attack Point!

Courtesy of Zynga's Mafia Wars Fan Page you can pick up a Free Attack Point! Collect yours now!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zynga Support Issues!

Well I'm sure Zynga has been swamped with issue requests from players lately due to all the malfunctions and missing gifts / loot / rewards from the latest event. But to top it off it looks like they are switching their support system over to a new vendor or at least a new internal system. A few of my open tickets already received the original automated response from Zynga when you open it from their contact page. But out of nowhere I just got blasted with a new automated response and I haven't submitted a ticket since the other day.. Well maybe they'll start responding finally..

(WTF Zynga!?)
(New Message)

(Old Automated Message)

Dead Man Talking Event Update!

Don't end up getting stuck on the final mission any longer than necessary, If you mis-time the collection of your hotel for the final mission you might even end up running out of time! You have to collect from the hotel twice! And it takes 48 HRS to collect from the hotel, so make sure you keep it waiting to collect before you start the final mission!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Atlantic City Mastery Bonus!

Well there is finally a reason to do Atlantic City! And this is just the reason I haven't completed it yet! Now the 4th Chapter of Atlantic City, Camden County, is now available. Fully master this chapter and you will be awarded a Parkour Master that is an Armor item with stats of 105 attack and 121 defense! So get to it!!

Love is Hard to Find Event Update!

First off: The event has been extended and will end on 2/22/2011 at 11:59pm PST. And once again they have changed the way the bonuses are handed out from collecting your broken hearts from the free gifts. If you want to receive all of the bonuses you are entitled to you have to open the gifts one by one. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pick Up A Free Energy Point!

Courtesy of Zynga's Mafia Wars Fan Page you can pick up a Free Energy Point! Collect yours now!

A Little Tournament Help!

Well there is an advantage to not hitting fight all rounds when you are playing the tournaments.. If you do it round by round not only do you have a better chance of winning, but if you happen to lose on rounds 1 or 2 you will get the option to retry after an hour! So if you are still trying to get some belts or rings here's what you have to do is this..

Are You Getting All The Broken Hearts You Should!?

Well, the thing is.. You probably aren't! There has been an issue since day one with receiving all the hearts you are supposed to. First off you should make sure you are collecting them properly (Read This) and then the bigger concern is: is it even letting collect the full amount you are supposed to be able to get from your free gifts? 


There are multiple sites that offer the sale of Mafia Wars loot items. DO NOT EVER USE THESE SITES! Buying and trading virtual items is a DIRECT VIOLATION OF ZYNGA'S TERMS OF SERVICE. Zynga is a business set up to provide entertainment and flash games to the public! And  of course, as any business is.. TO MAKE MONEY! 

The Italy Mission Is Bugged!

If your like me you were very happy to see they started some new missions. Unfortunately many players, like me, have already finished Italy and now the mission is stuck in limbo! Well I contacted zynga support and they are now aware of the issue and are working on a fix for the affected users. So just sit back and it should be fixed by the end of the day.

Does this mean you end up with 2 Assassins!? I wonder...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Man Talking Event!

Well it's time for another event, so along with bringing the missions back.. They started a Mission Event to help keep us busy. Cause if you're like me you have already finished the new italy chapters and are keeping busy with operations and it's nice to have some variety! So thank you for some new missions to accomplish. Even though it will probably be short lived and we'll be out in a week again.. Fingers crossed they won't run out that quickly!

The Missions Are Back!!

Finally there are some new missions to complete and help us on our way to get to the next level! So get started and get some great rewards and loot! Hopefully you don't have the same error I am having with the Italy Mission.. They brought these to the table a bit late!

Mafia Wars 20% Off Loot Sale!!

For a limited time only there are 24 items in the marketplace marked down 20% That adds up to a great savings of up to 5 Reward Points on some items! Thats an item for FREE if you buy 4! I hope nobody wasted money on the limited edition valentines items, because they're all on the savings list.. So go take advantage of the sale and buy some loot, I know I sure am!

Get a Free Health Point!

Today you can get a free health point from the Mafia Wars Facebook Page. So thank you Zynga for the daily rewards! I just wish they were more! Collect it now!

New Facebook Page Layouts!

Well once again Facebook has gone mucking up what has been working great for some time now and has updated the Page Layouts now. They are conforming the entire site to this new system. First it was the groups, then our profiles, and now the pages have this "New Look".. Well there's not much we can do about it except poke our eyes out! But its only a matter of time before all the pages are switched over, right now you have the option to switch over or keep the old look, but as we know they only do that for a few weeks before they just switch you over. So soon everything will look the same.. and like this..

(Click the image to go to the page)

Watch Out For This BS!! Just Lost My Reward Points!!

Like they always say.. If it sounds too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS! Or in this case: If it looks to good to be true! And Ya.. It was! After clicking buy now and seeing the confirmation.. 16! Yes.. 16 Reward Points were spent from my stash! What a bunch of BS!! So beware of this, I'm definately contacting Zynga!! I just wish their Live Chat was available MORE THAN NEVER!!!

How To Use JGrabAllGifts!

There is a Bookmarklet available from Miller Marklets that allows you collect all of the gift requests from Facebook's Requests Page. It is called JGrabAllGifts and can be found here. It is very simple to use and is a great tool to get so you don't have to deal with going back and forth on the requests page, which can be a major hassle. Just make sure you have collected all of you requests in game first so you don't miss out on any of them!

JGrabAllGifts Is Working Again!

Yesterday Facebook made a change to the requests page which caused JGrabAllGifts to stop recognizing that you were actually where you needed to be. The author of the bookmarklet just contacted me and said he has just finished applying a fix so it's back up and running again. So go collect those gifts and clear out your requests page!

 Miller's Marklets

Having Trouble Posting Lately?

There have been numerous complaints about issues posting links in groups lately and on facebook in general. I myself have run into the issue several times. You get an error message that Says: Oops! Someting went wrong.. Well there is an easy fix so you can continue posting, and this issue comes and goes so just keep this in mind so you can keep posting when it occurs in the future..

(If this happens on you profile just click status instead of post)

Mafia Wars Atlantic City For PC!

Well as you may have known you have been able to view atlantic city from your computer for some time now. Maybe zynga finally realized that this is possible and you don't have to go to a mobile address from a phone, or maybe they're just poking fun at it. But now they made the page load inside their own phone mockup with a little shot at ya, trying to get you to actually play it on the go from your phone. Check it out for yourself.



I will no longer be directly publishing to this site! I have purchased a .com address and have a new site and a blog software to go with it! So check it out and update your bookmarks!

If you follow me through NetworkedBlogs on Facebook or Google's "Feedburner" you don't have to change anything! I have already updated the feeds to publish from the new site!

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