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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make Sure You're Getting All Your Masks!

As in the valentines event there is a special way you have to collect your free gifts in order to ensure you are getting all of the bonuses you should! Unfortunately it is time consuming as you have to collect them one by one..

Open your in-game requests manager, find a free gift mask, accept it (send one back if you want) then you will notice a popup in the backround, close out the requests manager, and accept your bonus (Whatever it may be) then repeat the process. 

The problem is that if there is already a Bonus popup another won't show up until that one is gone, so if you are accepting several at a time you could be missing out and as many as 40 free masks!! (Maybe more) That really adds up over a several day event! Your talking the difference of an extra item or 2 of the best one!! So get to it and start getting some good loot!!

Click "Play for Masks" and it will give you a one time bonus!
As you can see you are allowed to collect 40 from free gifts and then a total of 30 more from Fighting, Robbing, and Doing Jobs (10 From Each) And it looks like its working from the start this time (Unlike the V-Day Massacre)
So if you follow my steps and work it right you will end up collecting 100+ each day and get some really good loot by the end of the event!

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