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Friday, February 11, 2011

MW Addon Updated!

Mafia Wars Addon Update Available! Battlefield updated with faction balancer, Add all button added to multi-gifter for mass sending, plus much more!

Feb 11, 2011 22:16
Added "Check for updates" option in configuration popup.

Added error check when banking cash.
Added Loot, Iced and Kill logs.
- This logs have unlimited size.
- Iced and Kill logs show a fast "copy/paste" list with name, level and the link to his/her profile.
Added Bangkok faction fight:
- Can atack to Yakuza, Triad, or Balance both. - Can skip when no faction points is gained.
Modified "Name filter", now it's Regex syntax compatible, and will do a best filtering perfomance.
- Default filter syntax will skip names with any "no-word letter" (in word letter i have included spaces and ' or " quotes).
Modified fight dialogs to make it PG-13 etc. Thanks MsQuiltALot for the fixes
Removed old Loot log popup.

Home Feed Center
Added mission name filter to Operations.

Multi Gifter
Added "ADD ALL" button.
- A prompt will show up with the amount of gifts to add and, you must write the quantity of every gift that will be added to queue.
- It work with "Visible" gifts. You can filter/search for a set of gifts and click "ADD ALL".

Feb 10, 2011 03:15
Fixed "Add to Whitelist" feature from user stat page and News helper.
Fixed "Attack again" link that was changed by Zynga.
- After Zynga changes battlefield don't get "attack again" link, so it don't work property.
I have a hard test now, and seem to work all fine, hope it fix all problems.

Feb 10, 2011 00:18
Added timeout in ajax request to prevent (i hope) when Addon stop working without any error.
Added Message for tinyurl when it's down, hope now people know that they can configure bit.ly service.

Home Feed Center
Added possibility to comment filters, you can add # to begin of any line to comment that line.
Modified internal skip actions to prevent of missing some posts.
- Because some differents types of post have same controller, you can filter those that you've reached the limit and aren't skipped.

Added new error checks to make sure don't stop working.

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