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Monday, March 14, 2011

The New Zynga Support System Is Up!

Well it's official, the old support pages are down and the new ones are finally up and running. New email contact pages are there and new auto-responses are being sent out Via Sales-force. Anybody that's familiar with sales-force knows that it is a customer support system that integrates very well with All types of communication mediums, VOIP, Email, Live Chat, etc..

I am very familiar with the system as I have worked in a calling center before and was a team leader for Dupont Ink Refill machines at Office Depot/Office Max Nationwide. And also for Pure Digital (The makers of the "Point and Shoot" Cameras/Camcorders that they sold Nationwide at CVS Pharmacies and other outlets). And it is a great system to have for the use of customer support and tracking customer interactions. Chances are that when you call anybody for support, they're using this system! I'm surprised to see that they just started to use it..

But this is a good improvement in my opinion because things should not be going un-noticed anymore. The way the system is setup it is nearly impossible to ignore a communication from a customer, you would literally have to lie to the system and say you handled it. Also, instead of it being an email system, like it was before, where multiple users access an inbox (which leads to these errors). All submissions show up as a list of open tickets, and only one person can edit each ticket at a time. So all in all we should be seeing quicker responses and more accurate ones as well as all information is readily available to all support agents and cases can be linked together so problems can be easily analyzed.

I hope to see some answers now on some issues I have been ignored on because of the switch. So time to re-submit to the new system and we'll see what happens.

Just found the new chat system, and it looks like, unlike the old one, it is always "online" but if no one is available you will get this message instead of it just shooting you back to the homepage.

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