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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There's A New Facebook Message Center!

Well as facebook is never happy unless they drastically change something every week, this week it's the message center! They combined the inbox and sent messages as well as any message sent from the same user will all show up in one message stream. (Like text messaging on any modern smart phone) And the updates from pages and messages from people "you don't know" will show up under a new "folder" called "other." 

Old Message Center
New Message Center

 They also once again started the facebook email address signup where you can activate a facebook email address (youralias@facebook.com) so people can send you messages directly to your facebook account from a standard email address or cell phone.

Say Goodbye to Your Duplicate Mastery Items!

Well up until today we have been getting a nice boost from a glitch in Zynga's system that was giving a new item each time you mastered the levels in Brazil instead of replacing the mastery item.. so your talking a 1,000 bonus attack and defense points id you've mastered them all in ruby is about to go bye bye..

I currently still have the bonus items but i'm getting reports that they are being removed server by server, so you'll probably just have the correct one by tomorrow and that glitch will be fixed. So until then enjoy your extra power!

Thank you
 Therion DigitaleDunkelheit for bringing this to my attention.

Let's Take Back The Street!

Well like we aren't already swamped by the normal missions for Brazil (65 of them in total) why not throw a mission event on top of it! Sure, why not! At least its something else to do! 

Just remember that after this event ends Bangkok will actually be locked out this time, they decided to extend the access to bangkok because so many people were rushing and trying to finish it, but didn't. So you better hurry if you haven't done that yet!

Origin Story
Get Support From Your Mafia (6x)
Rob 8 Times In Bangkok.
Build 1 Armory.

Boss Fight: John Yun. (Yun has 14,000)
Fight 25 Opponents in Bangkok.
Declare A War 2 Times.

Greed Is Great
Get Support From Your Mafia (7x).
Rob 12 Times In New York.
Boss Fight: Alex Nash. (Nash has 12,000)

Town Painted Red
Rob 10 times in Vegas.
Ask for 5 Backpacks from mafia.
Collect from your Poker Room 1 time. (Poker Room collects every 24 hours)

Battle: Las Vegas
Boss Fight: Victor Alves. (Alves has 18,000)
Ice 5 opponents in Vegas.
Declare a War 1 time.

Blood and Wine
Rob 13 times in Italy.
Collect from your Auto Boutique 1 time. (You can collect from Auto Boutique every 12 hours)
Boss Fight: Richie Carone. (Carone has 20,000)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stream Helper Tutorial w/ Video!

Stream Helper Beta is a bookmarklet from Spockholm tools that checks your live feed for Mafia Wars Bonuses and Rewards and can automatically collect them or organize them in a list for you to collect on your own. It is an easy to use program once you get the hang of it.

I made this video a while ago and forgot about it, but the bookmark-let hasn't changed much so its still pretty useful, and shows how to go through the whole process, even adding the bookmark-lets to your browser, otherwise just read the tutorial below..

First get the Unframe-MW and the Stream Helper Beta Bookmarklet and then load up mafia wars, Unframe Mafia Wars, close any pop-ups that loaded with the game as they will cause an error then just click Stream Helper Beta. 

You will see a list of options with check boxes for you to set specific options on what to search for and collect. 

If it is your first time running the script then check the box that says "Ask Permission" to authenticate the program in Facebook, it will popup and authentication box that you need to accept to allow it access your live feed. 

The main thing you need to set is the Time in hours, and then leave the Posts/Requests to 100 anything higher will cause the script to timeout and stop running at whatever it has already found. 

Then change the delay interval to a lower amount as its defualt will take too long, my recommendation is 0-3 seconds. 

Select the autostart option and then select all of the items you would like it to find. But I wouldn't check the "Send/Receive Chop Shop/Weapons Depot/Armory parts" or "Send/Receive Vegas/Italy building parts" as it will almost instantly max out your ability to send items to anybody you actually want to after running this.

So after that you can hit scan and it will start the process of searching the live feed, as long as everything is working it will display "Status:Requesting data..." and then give you an update every 100 posts it finds like this "Status: Requesting more data. XXX posts so far. Last timestamp was [TIME]" 

After it finishes the scan if you selected "Autostart" it will run through the process of collecting the items, otherwise you just have to click the play button located in the upper right of the script box. Any of the items that said Manual Collection you have to go collect yourself, but that is as simple as clicking the links provided. 

Hope this Helps! ~Spock On And Happy Gaming~

The Complete Brazil Missions & Boss List! (Mastery Levels Bronze -> Ruby)

There are a total of 65 Brazil Missions (Read the 411 from Zynga). Each going in line with completing each mastery in order, all bronze first, then all silver, etc. Until eventually all are mastered Ruby! There are still some bugs being worked out but for the most part it seems to be running smoothly after the first initial bugs were fixed.

Final Brazil Smuggling Item Released!

Well time to get sending and finish up the event! Just remember to save all of your duplicates so you can replay the event! Make it easy on yourself and remember to collect in game first and then from your Facebook requests to make sure you get all of the free gifts you can! 

And just make sure you don't collect any other free gifts the day the last item is released and you can finish it all up in one go! As long as you have the first 2 items collected on gold mastery it takes you 196 Free gifts to master all the items 3 times over! So get collecting and get some loot, real fast!

Just Barely Made It :P

Get A Free Defense Point From Zynga!

For being a loyal player you can get another free defense point! So Don't Miss Out! Collect It Now!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

MW Addon Update!

Make sure you get the newest version to have all of the newest features! There have been some great and necessary updates since Brazil was released!

Access 2x Mastery Boost From Main Menu!

Configure The Auto-Deposit Options!

Set Up Whether To Auto-Deposit In Each City!

The Ratio Is Now Available In Brazil!

Mar 25, 2011 06:07
  • Updated to work with Firefox 4.
  • Added TinyUrl button in Job Boost (2x mastery boost) request form.
  • Added Get Job Boost button in menu to open the 2x mastery boost request form.
  • Added cross-domain requests for tinyurl (only work in firefox and Chrome with plug-in installed).
  • - This will avoid the tinyurl api server which is down a lot, hope people can get short links now without need to make bit.ly account.
  • Fixed request permissions which did not work as expected in last updates, i apologize for it.
  • Modified Auto-deposit control to make sure it's always visible.
  • Free Gifts Center
  • Added Filter box to search for specific request.
  • Updated to work after the new facebook response issue. Hope it fix "undefined - Send request disabled".

Mar 23, 2011 13:28
  • Added Brazil Jobs rates.
  • Free Gifts Center
  • Added Brazil Crew join requests.
  • News Helper
  • Disabled to aboid comments about it, it can't be fixed because it's working, Zynga send black data. NO way to fix it. i will enable it later if i found a way to get news different of the now broken url.

Mar 17, 2011 09:35
  • Added Autodeposit ON/OFF button for every city.
  • Collect All Cities
  • Added full compatibility with Brazil.
  • Battlefield
  • Added full compatibility with Brazil.

Mar 16, 2011 19:01
  • Added Global Autodeposit option which work every time you do a Job, Rob, or just load/update any MW page. You can configure it in global options.
  • Added a working link to Chrome Plug-In.
  • Updated to work with new Zynga changes.
  • Updated Jobs rate due new Zynga changes.
  • Opera Compatibility - New Facebook javascript SDK don't work property with Opera and almost options will don't work (Publish included). - Opera don't let userscripts to do cross-domain requests and there is not a "plug-in" to call, so Free Gifts Center don't work. - You can Publish by checking "Use facebook ui" in configuration but it will open a new tab and you need to let it show up, name will be "unknow" because MWAddon can't get FB session data in Opera. Free Gifts Center
  • Added option to disable skip same user id with Collector.
  • - Be careful, uncheck it will get a lot of errors because Collector will not check user id and try to collect all links amout you've specified for each type. Gifts Page
  • Added options to Check/Uncheck all gifts.
  • Added option to "Select All" when show short links.
  • Added possibility to write a text message before post Selected / Checked gifts.
  • Collect All Cities
  • Updated with Brazil (no tested yet).
  • Battlefield
  • Updated with Brazil (no tested yet).

Enemy Of My Enemy Mission Change!

Well apparently Zynga has seen the error of their ways (thanks to my email, and others i'm sure) and has corrected a large flaw in one of the missions! The one I have been stuck on for 2 days now. Well, time to do it and move on to the next one!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook Security Scam! Watch Out!

There is an email being sent to facebook users that "appears" to look legitimate and has a Facebook support address as the reply. But under closer inspection it is obvious that it isn't really from Facebook. It's warning you that your account will be suspended if you don't respond so they are using a standard scare tactic. It's very similar to an older email that said it looks like your account has been hacked, please go update your info and does pretty much the same thing.

This email wants you to go to a website to verify your facebook username and password. No website, especially facebook would send you an email asking for your credentials. They already know it! Common Sense People... So below is the email being sent and a copy of the page to watch out for.

Here's the email that you'll receive..

Here is the page you will be directed to if you click the link..

Think before you act when you receive an email, especially when the email is trying to scare you into doing something! Chances are it's a scam! And obviously if you can still login to facebook, there really isn't anything to worry about..

Thank you Rose Vrionides- Boubaris for bringing this to my attention.

Where Are The Workshops!?

Well if you were lucky enough to get past the 1st mission glitch, and now get stuck on another one (like quite a few people have) then maybe you have gotten as far as I have.. Only you are now stuck on a mission called Enemy Of My Enemy.

This mission requires you to rob a workshop 6 times. Well that doesn't seem too difficult, right!? Well I spent 2,000+ points of stamina requesting new targets.. And guess what!? Not ONE workshop ever showed up!!!

Just page after page of this..

I was lucky if it even had anything besides headquarters!

This is just ridiculous! I sent an email to zynga about this, they really need to work out these things before releasing them! The players shouldn't be this inconvenienced because of their carelessness! Not to mention I spent 2,000+ stamina for nothing!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Complete Brazil Missions & Boss List! (Bronze Mastery)

Well now that the glitch has been fixed we can move on and get started on the missions.. The 411 from zynga is below the missions at the bottom of the post..

Here's the info for the first set of Brazil missions..
Ah, Brazil
Get 1 Crew Member (Free Gift Request)
Master the job "Set Up Your Operation In a Renovated Skyscraper"

Draw Their Attention
Master the job " Steal Artwork from the paco imperial"
Collect from your headquarters 1 Time
Rob 5 Headquarters in Brazil

Duck The Police 
Master the Job "Blackmail a Cathedral Representative"
Master the Job "Bribe a Corporate Executive"
Declare a War 1 Time
Master The Job "Run a Collection Plate Con"
Master The Job "Track Down Lieutenant Sandoval"

Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval
Deafeat the Lieutenant (Boss Fight: Was 2000 Health For Me)

Here's the info for the second set of Brazil missions..
Worse Than We Thought
Master the Job "Meet A Contact At Mosqueiro"
Collect from your Headquarters 2 Times
Get 2 Crew Members In Brazil (Free Gift Requests)

Touch And Go
Get Help From Your Mafia (4x) Mission Crew (Free Gift Requests)
Fight 24 Opponents in Brazil
Loot 4 Wooden Crates From Robbing in Brazil

Traitor Among Us
Ask for 1 Document From Mafia (Post To Wall)
Rob 5 Headquarters in Brazil
Master the Job "Establish a Spy Ring Of Belem Fishermen"
Master the Job " Gun Down Kidnappers"

Pablo Alvares "The Dockmaster"
Defeat Pablo Alvares (Boss Fight: Was 3744 Health For Me)

Here's the info for the third set of Brazil Missions..
Enemy of My Enemy
Master the Job "Assassinate a Neo-Imperium Spokesman"
Rob 6 Workshops in Brazil
Get 3 Crew Members in Brazil (Free Gift Requests)

Vengeance Is Yours
Master the Job "Create A Diversion in the Jungle"
Collect From Your Headquarters Twice
Master the Job "Blow up a Munitions Dump"
Master the Job "Open Fire On Rebel Fighters"
Master the Job "Rescue A Hostage"

Capitao Tinto
Defeat Capitao Tinto (Boss Fight: 4725 Health For Me)

Here's the info for the fourth set of Brazil Missions..
Follow The Source
Get 7 Mafia Members To Join Your Crew (Free Gift Requests)
Loot 1 Wooden Crate From Fights
Master the Job "Move to a Sao Paolo Safe House"

Unexpected Allies
Master the Job "Contact a Comando Do Candiru Agent"
Win 20 Fights in Brazil
Master the Job "Scout out the city"
Master the Job "Pass Along a Bribe"

Hot Pursuit 
Get Support From Your Mafia (7x)
Rob 15 Times In Brazil
Master the Job "Burn Down A Slum Building"
Master the Job "Demolish A Rooftop Helipad" 
Master the Job "Escape A Police Pursuit"

Mrs. Maria Rosa 
Defeat Mrs. Maria Rosa (Boss Fight: 5694 Health For Me)

Here's the info for the fifth set of Brazil Missions..
Ripple In a Pond 
Declare War 2 (2x)
Master the Job "Smuggle Weapons Down the River to a Recife Port"
Fight 50 Opponents In Brazil

Great Minds
Master the Job "Negotiate A Sit-Down With The Comando Do Candiru"
Buy 2 Items From The Black Market (Brazil Property)
Master The Job "Detonate An Ethanol Shipment"
Master the Job "Create A Shark Scare"

Chemical Burn
Get 2 Elite Crew Members (Free Gift Requests)
Collect From Your Refiner Once
Master the Job "Raid A Biochemist's Lab"
Master the Job "Give Chase to the Neo-Imperium"

Lucas Sousa
Defeat Lucas Sousa. (Boss Fight: 7,725 Health For Me)

Brazil Missions / Boss Fights FAQ 411
Updated 03/25/2011 at 02:19

User-added image

The Neo-Imperium continues to invade Brazil!  The time is now to stop them once and for all! Set up your operations, complete all of the required tasks and missions to annihilate the competition and take down the 5 Neo-Imperium bosses.
A total of 65 missions filled with tasks and challenges must be completed in order to defeat all 5 Neo-Imperium Bosses. Different missions will need to be completed before the next boss fight is presented. Each boss has 4 levels of mastery (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby). Once a boss is defeated at the Bronze level, they will return to retaliate until they have been defeated at all 4 mastery levels. Defeating a Boss for the first time will award a mastery item. Defeating the same boss at the next mastery level will increase the statistics of the same boss mastery item. 
After all 5 bosses have been defeated at each mastery level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby), no additional Missions will be prompted and the group of Missions will disappear from the Mission Bar section of the homepage. 
Be advised!!! Each Neo-Imperium will be difficult to defeat as it was designed this way. It is important to bulk up in order to take out each boss and collect each handsome reward. Good Luck!!!
Boss 1: Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval

User-added image

Lieutenant Sandoval is ruthless by nature and will stop at no cost to eliminate anyone in his way.  In addition, he brings a strong army of men. If you put up a good fight he is sure to fall back in defeat and release his powerful Armor Item.
Sandoval Vest (Armor, Ultimate Item)
Bronze: 70/103
Silver:  80/123
Gold: 90/133
Ruby: 100/154
Boss 2: Pablo Alvares "The Dockmaster"

User-added image

Pablo seems like a harmless old boat master however his looks are deceiving. This old man is a natural killer and will surely take you down. Destroy Pablo “The Dockmaster” Avlares, destroy his boat and collect an Ultimate Weapon item that will come in handy
Pablo’s Gutting Knife (Weapon, Ultimate)
Bronze: 111/82
Silver:  131/94
Gold: 151/104
Ruby: 171/115
Boss 3: Capitão Tinto

User-added image

Enraged at your previous actions, Capitão will be looking to gun you down. Her powerful attack comes straight from the Amazon jungle with deadly accuracy. Be sure to attack her with a strong arsenal of attack and defense items to discover information for your next challenge. If you can successfully defeat Capitão she will hand over her Jaguar, one of her most prized possession and an extremely strong Animal. 
Tinto’s Jaguar (Animal, Ultimate)
Bronze: 89/126
Silver:  99/147
Gold: 109/68
Ruby: 120/189
Boss 4: Mrs. Maria Rosa
User-added image

Maria Rosa always puts up a good fight and will prevent all travel in the city not allowing anyone to escape her wrath. Protect your means of transportation and if successful you can nab the keys to her fancy ride!
Rosa Luxury Helicopter:  (Vehicle, Ultimate)
Bronze: 142/92
Silver:  164/102
Gold: 186/112
Ruby: 208/122
Boss 5: Lucas Sousa

User-added image

Sousa is loaded with tons of cash and is the primary financial backer for the Neo-Imperium. With an endless supply of cash Sousa is continuously funneling cash to keep the Neo-Imperium strong. Obsessed with achieving supreme power, Boss Sousa will spare no one and strive to take you down!
Sousa Sport: (Vehicle, Ultimate)
Bronze: 103/165
Silver: 113/187
Gold: 123/209

Q:  Why does the required task say “Get Crew Members” I already have crew members!
A:  To successfully complete a task that requires you to “Get Crew Members” you will need to acquire NEW crew members. Existing crew members do not count toward this progress. If you Brazil Crew is already full, assign a crew member to a role position to free up crew positions
Q: I have completed ROBs in Brazil, Why hasn’t the task progress updated?
A: Only successful robs count toward mission progress in Brazil
Q: I have posted/asked for support from my Mafia, Why hasn’t the task progress updated?
A: When you try to get support from your Mafia by posting feeds for mission completion, friends and mafia members will need to click on the post for mission progress to update. Posting for support alone will not result in any mission progress.
Q: Where can I find Wooden Crates?
A: Wooden Crates will be dropped through successful rob across all properties. There is never a guarantee that each successful rob will award a Wooden Crate. Continuously clearing robbing 


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