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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zynga Support Issues!

Well I'm sure Zynga has been swamped with issue requests from players lately due to all the malfunctions and missing gifts / loot / rewards from the latest event. But to top it off it looks like they are switching their support system over to a new vendor or at least a new internal system. A few of my open tickets already received the original automated response from Zynga when you open it from their contact page. But out of nowhere I just got blasted with a new automated response and I haven't submitted a ticket since the other day.. Well maybe they'll start responding finally..

(WTF Zynga!?)
(New Message)

(Old Automated Message)


  1. always use the live chat for fast a response as sending a email is a waste of time.... if the live chat doesnt show re-open from mafia wars & try re wording the issue your having... it works for me & I end up getting live chat every time! with all the recent issues a 10min wait is expected but worth it!

  2. Trust me, I always try to use the live chat.. problem is it isn't showing up for me lately.. and i even have it bookmarked..



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