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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Say Goodbye to Your Duplicate Mastery Items!

Well up until today we have been getting a nice boost from a glitch in Zynga's system that was giving a new item each time you mastered the levels in Brazil instead of replacing the mastery item.. so your talking a 1,000 bonus attack and defense points id you've mastered them all in ruby is about to go bye bye..

I currently still have the bonus items but i'm getting reports that they are being removed server by server, so you'll probably just have the correct one by tomorrow and that glitch will be fixed. So until then enjoy your extra power!

Thank you
 Therion DigitaleDunkelheit for bringing this to my attention.


  1. I had mastery ruby on Rio de Janeiro, bronze on other 4 regions. I lost only 125 ATK and 245 DEF

  2. well if you had ruby on Rio.. you would've lost 240 attack and 359 defense cause you would've lost the bronze, silver, and gold mastery items..

  3. so imma lose alot huh im done with brazil

  4. Mine are officially gone now :( only the ruby are there..



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