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Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Collection Event!? It's Smuggling In Brazil!

That's right, with the last one literally just ending they couldn't wait to shove another collection event down our throat! Maybe its to take our attention off of the glitched mission sets they just released that half of the users can't even do.. Either way it's time to bomb our friends with free gifts and collect some for ourselves!

Somehow I have collected 4 already?? Sure..

Here's the 411 on the event from zynga..

Brazil Smuggling Event 411 and FAQ
The Carnival parade may be over, but the festivities are still in full swing with the bands striking their favorite cords.  Feathers have been donned, dancing has been done, and masks have been worn, but as the streets fill with revelers night after night, there is bound to be mayhem around every corner. 
If you survive the revelry, see if you can collect and master all three levels of the Brazilian Smuggling event to earn the ultimate Grand Prize.  Every couple of days new gift items will unlock and become giftable to mafia members and friends through the message box on your home page or the free gifts page.  Players will be able to gain mastery for collecting multiples of each unique Brazilian Smuggling item.
Each of the Brazilian Smuggling Gifts may randomly drop while doing jobs and fights.  These can be shared with friends through your feeds, and friends who click on your feed will give you Brazilian Smuggling gifts in return.  Number of gifts required to master each level are: 
Bronze – 4 gifts
Silver – 8 gifts
Gold – 16 gifts
(Total required = 28 per Brazilian Smuggling gift type)
Players who reach the Gold Mastery for each level of the Brazilian Smuggling event will achieve the Grand Prize  of the Logging Truck.  The Grand Prize will only be awarded once the Gold Mastery for all three Brazilian Smuggling gifts has been achieved.  Players will have the opportunity to repeat the event after achieving Gold Mastery for all three items.  After you have achieved the Grand Prize the Brazilian Smuggling gift event will reset from the beginning so that you can earn duplicate mastery items.  This event can be repeated 2 additional times to earn a maximum of 3 mastery reward items.
Endangered Animals Mastery Item:  Amazon Jaguar
Bronze Mastery Animal 69/45
Silver Mastery Animal 75/47
Gold Mastery Animal 80/53
Contraband Mastery Item:  Brazilian Guerillas
Bronze Mastery Armor 48/72
Silver Mastery Armor 52/78
Gold Mastery Armor 50/83
Weapons Cache Mastery Item: SAM Launcher
Bronze Mastery Weapon 51/74
Silver Mastery Weapon 55/79
Gold Mastery Weapons 59/85
Grand Prize:  Logging Truck 108/143
Q:  When will this event begin?
A:  This event will begin on Friday, March 25th, 2011.  As with all of our previous event releases, this will be gradual to ensure stability within the game.  (Not all players will have initial access to this event.)
Q:  How long does this event last?
A:  This event is schedule to end on Friday, April 1st, however, this date is subject to change.  A 48 hour countdwon timer will start two days prior to the end of the even to keep you on track.
Q:  When will the other free items unlock?
A:  The gift items are scheduled to be released every two days after the start date.
Q:  Will I be able to collect multiple Mastery items?
A:  After the Grand Prize item has been earned you will have the ability to collect multiples of the 3 Mastery items that have been unlocked.  Your best strategy will be to collect enough gifts to achieve the Gold Mastery for each item in the Brazilian Smuggling mission, and then wait until you have collected the Grand Prize.  When the event has been reset, you can go back and collect any extra Brazilian Smuggling gifts sent to you to fulfill the repeat requirements.
Please note that it is possible to have multiple Gold Mastery items, however, only 1 Bronze or Silver Mastery item is allowed to exist at a time.  (Example, you might have a Mastery Item in Gold and Bronze, or Gold and Silver.) Once you have a second set of Gold Mastery items, you will receive a second Grand Prize item.
Q:  Is there a limit to the number of Brazilian Smuggling items that can be collected from feeds each day?
A: The maximum number of Brazilian Smuggling gifts that you can claim will be limited to 3 items per day.  Although you can only claim 3 items per day, there is not a limit on the number that you can receive through gift requests.
Q:  What can I do if I do not have enough Brazilian Smuggling gifts to master an item?
A:  You will have the option to purchase additional Brazilian Smuggling gifts for reward points in order to complete the mastery.  There are no limits to the number of Brazilian Smuggling gifts that you can purchase each day.
Q:  What will happen to the unclaimed Brazilian Smuggling gifts after the event is over?
A:  Any unclaimed Brazilian Smuggling gifts will be converted to regular mystery bags.
The reference to the smuggling of Endangered Animals for the black market for this event is only representative, and we fully support the efforts of the many great organizations who put forth an effort to save these precious creatures for future generations.

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