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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crossing The Line Mission Event!

It's time for the next mission event, and this time we have a racing theme and it incorporate practically all of the cities in the game for once. But the goal remains the same, as usual just do the specified tasks and get some bonus loot and rewards with a grand prize at the end of the event!

The drop rate is a bit low in this event and many of the items needed from jobs were fairly hard to get and exhausted quite a lot of energy! You might just want to spend the RP's and skip the task.. So get to it and get your rewards!

Get support from your mafia (5x). (Gift Requests)
Loot 12 Hung Chu Enforcers from job. (Hire An Unsavory Crew) (Pirate)
Win 15 fights in Bangkok.

The Mark
Job: Receive A Kickback From The Buyer (10x). (Criminal)
Loot 12 Documents from fights.

The Fast Lane
Rob 8 Chop Shops in New York.
Fight 16 opponents in New York.
Collect from your Chop Shop 2 times. (You can collect from Chop Shop every 18 hours)

Rob 8 Auto Boutiques in Italy.
Job: Smuggle Goods Through a Fishery (20x). (Venezia)
Collect from your Auto Boutique 2 times. (You can collect from Auto Boutique every 12 hours)

Ask for 6 Satchels from mafia.
Job: Buy Out a Costume Shop (15x). (Venezia)
Buy 1 item from your Port.

Small Fry
Ice 6 opponents in New York.
Rob 9 Mega Casinos in New York.
Loot 15 Metal Containers from job. (Steal an Air Freight Delivery) (Capo)
Declare a War 1 time.

Pity Party
Clear 2 robbing boards.
Take out 10 Armed Guards. (Requires ?)
Job: Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring (16x). (Hitman)
Collect form your Dockyard 3 times. (You can collect from Dockyard every 8 hours)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Limited Edition Memorial Weekend RP Loot!

For this weekend only when you purchase RP's you can get a limited edition item for Memorial Day. Of course your do have to buy more than 86 reward points. But if you planned on doing that anyway, now is the time to do it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Secret Stash Issues!

Well apparently they are messing with the secret stashes, and something has gone horribly wrong! When trying to request help to open it the system is sending mystery bags instead of secret stash requests. The gift system defaults to a blue mystery bag when an expired or disable item is sent or clicked to be opened.

The gift id is correct, so something needs to be fixed at zynga! If you are experiencing a similar issue please contact them on live chat so they can narrow down the problem and correct the issue. They were unaware of the issue until I contacted support myself, so help out and report any issues if you have time. Don't just ignore it and hope it fixes itself, that takes a lot longer than the few minutes in chat support. Or you can send them an email if you don't need an immediate response, or just want to report a glitch.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

X-Men First Class Collection Event!

Well as promised earlier this week: The X-Men have arrived! And it's another collection event, but this time there are a lot more items to collect in order to obtain the grand prize. Seven in all, 4 obtained from jobs, and 3 obtained while fighting (and I assume robbing is included in that).

Send out your spares to help out your mafia family! You can only gift after then 10, so don't worry about losing any you might need!

They actually force you to get rid of any items after 10, if you don't gift them within 30 minutes of getting them then they will just be discarded, so you might as well help out your mafia family!

Show Support For This Blog!

Hello all, this blog is a personal venture of mine and I dedicate a good amount of my time to it without any financial gain. Help show your support for the blog and help me out by make a donation. $5 is the suggested donation amount but you can give as little or as much as you want, anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated!

Just enter the amount you wish to donate in the support box on the left side of the page and it will take you through a secure google checkout, so no worries. 

Thanks for being a loyal blog follower and thank you in advance for any contributions you may make!

New Featured Items!

There are some new Panda Themed Items showing up in the marketplace. And they have some pretty good stats, so check em out and buy a few if you can! They're worth it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Blog Layout/Font!

I updated the layout and font for my blog! Let me know what you think on this Facebook Question I created..

Mafia Wars Top Secret!

Well there is a post floating around from Zynga wanting you to decipher a code and gain access to a "top secret" sneak peak! 

Here is the blog post it takes you to..
(http://zyn.ga/5nM <-- Sneak a peek!)


Answer correctly and it takes you to this page explaining that with the upcoming release of the new x-men movie there will be a mafia wars tie in. X-men loot will soon be available, later this week actually! Probably in a familiar collection event or a random loot drop event. But either way the X-men are coming!

Mafia Wars Popup Settings!

Even Zynga knows that there are too many in-game pop-ups. So now you can control them from your account settings drop down. For right now the only thing you can control is the secret stash popups, but hopefully that will change soon! At least they are heading in the right direction!

Eliminate Kassina Kunoichi!

Well with the last boss fight operation considered a success they have released the second opponent! Same rules apply as before, so start sending those shotgun blasts, collecting the items from jobs, robbing, and fighting, and get some loot!

  It seems the final mission combo is unlocked if you finished the prior mission sets from the last event! Just unlock the other 2 and your all set! And this time the harder the combo, the better the attack! (like it should have been from the start)

Hurry Up And Crack The Safe!

Well there was a post on the mafia wars fan page earlier warning us that the Crack the safe event is ending today! So you better hurry up and get a few more in while you can! Thanks for the warning Zynga! Not!!

http://zyn.ga/5ep <-- Learn more!
http://zyn.ga/5eq <-- Crack your safe!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Put Em On Ice Mystery Reward!

Once you collect all of your other rewards and reach the 1,000 ice requirement you will get a special Diamond Mastery reward. The talking stick!

And when your done they even give you the option to replay the event! For 60RP's.. thanks a lot zynga! =P

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Put Em On Ice Event!

Thank god it's not another collection event! It's about time they created an event like this! One that rewards us for going through our normal routine! So there are 4 levels for the first reward, each time the item gets more powerful, And then a bonus mystery reward for getting 1,000 ices! So get fighting, ice some mobsters, and get some cool loot!

Collect as you go 
(It will keep counting in the backround)

New War System Update!

Well they have continued to update the war system. Recently it has started to take into consideration you and your opponents level and skills. So they have made it easier to determine who you should attack with a color scheme matched against your level and skills, and as usual with any color scheme it's green for easy, yellow for medium, and red for hard difficulty. 

So now you don't even have to read, just click the pretty color!

Still haven't seen the heal your friends option.. but i'm sure it's comin..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RewardVille Mystery Gifts Update!

Well as I said in an earlier post: they have increased the limit of gifts you can accept! Well now you can send or receive 5 gifts from the same person every day! So now, more than ever, the ability to create your own gift links will come in handy! 

So read my guide on how to create your own RewardVille Mystery Gift Links as well as any others that there aren't a bookmark-let for!

Smoke And Mirrors Mission Event!

There's a new mission event available. Like normal there is a grand prize at the end, but this one does seem to be a bit heftier in length but the same principle in mind. So get to it, here is the info on the missions to help you through it!

Fight 22 opponents in Brazil.
Clear 2 robbing boards.
Build 2 Vehicles. (Chop Shop)

Might and Magic
Get support from your maifa (6x). (Free Gift Requests)
Take out 12 Angry Cult Members. (Requires 8 Stamina)
Job: Burn Down A Jungle Hideout (15x). (Belem)

Job: Smuggle a Shipment Through Aeroporto de Belem (20x). (Belem)
Win 15 fights in Brazil.
Loot 15 Luggage Bags from fights.

Get 8 crew members in Brazil.
Loot 12 Documents from job. (Rio de Janeiro: Centro Ask an Informant About Local Crime Activity)

Get Even
Rob 20 times in Brazil.
Loot 10 Manila Envelopes from robbing.
Job: Blackmail a Cathedral Representative (25x). (Rio de Janeiro: Centro)

Public Flogging
Get support from your mafia (8x). (Gift Requests)
Ice 3 opponents in Brazil.

Hedge Funds
Rob 16 Headquarters in Brazil.
Loot 12 Bundles of Dynamite from robbing.
Job: Demolish A Rooftop Helipad (15x). (Sao Paolo: Heliopolis)

Shrunken Head Collection
Take out 10 Cult Leaders. (Requires 10 Stamina)
Job: Sink a Cargo Ship in Port (18x). (Recife)
Declare a War 1 time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RewardVille Has Gone Gaga!

Get a limited edition item in RewardVille, its only available for the next 2 weeks and has some pretty impressive stats! 
So buy it while you can!

Monday, May 16, 2011

BioHazard Crates!

Some new crates are available in the marketplace! Go check em out! And they were just on sale so if you wanna buy em you might wanna wait till they go on sale again! Usually happens once a day, but if you don't care about saving the RP's go nuts, there's some good loot!

The 2 best items.. (The rest isn't far behind though)


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