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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stream Helper Tutorial w/ Video!

Stream Helper Beta is a bookmarklet from Spockholm tools that checks your live feed for Mafia Wars Bonuses and Rewards and can automatically collect them or organize them in a list for you to collect on your own. It is an easy to use program once you get the hang of it.

I made this video a while ago and forgot about it, but the bookmark-let hasn't changed much so its still pretty useful, and shows how to go through the whole process, even adding the bookmark-lets to your browser, otherwise just read the tutorial below..

First get the Unframe-MW and the Stream Helper Beta Bookmarklet and then load up mafia wars, Unframe Mafia Wars, close any pop-ups that loaded with the game as they will cause an error then just click Stream Helper Beta. 

You will see a list of options with check boxes for you to set specific options on what to search for and collect. 

If it is your first time running the script then check the box that says "Ask Permission" to authenticate the program in Facebook, it will popup and authentication box that you need to accept to allow it access your live feed. 

The main thing you need to set is the Time in hours, and then leave the Posts/Requests to 100 anything higher will cause the script to timeout and stop running at whatever it has already found. 

Then change the delay interval to a lower amount as its defualt will take too long, my recommendation is 0-3 seconds. 

Select the autostart option and then select all of the items you would like it to find. But I wouldn't check the "Send/Receive Chop Shop/Weapons Depot/Armory parts" or "Send/Receive Vegas/Italy building parts" as it will almost instantly max out your ability to send items to anybody you actually want to after running this.

So after that you can hit scan and it will start the process of searching the live feed, as long as everything is working it will display "Status:Requesting data..." and then give you an update every 100 posts it finds like this "Status: Requesting more data. XXX posts so far. Last timestamp was [TIME]" 

After it finishes the scan if you selected "Autostart" it will run through the process of collecting the items, otherwise you just have to click the play button located in the upper right of the script box. Any of the items that said Manual Collection you have to go collect yourself, but that is as simple as clicking the links provided. 

Hope this Helps! ~Spock On And Happy Gaming~

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