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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rewardville Has Arrived!!

That's Right!,  Rewardville is finally here! After months of beta tests and taunting us with numerous leaked promos.. We can finally get into this Village of Rewards! Or Damned, depending on your take of it :P But it all looks good to me! You don't have to do anything extra to earn the rewards or zCoins as their called. Its like a loyalty Program Mark 2 or Loyalty Program 2.0 if you will.. 

So next time you login to Play Mafia Wars (As long as the server your account is activated that is..) you will get these popups and be on your way to earning some great rewards and loot for doing what you already do! Playing the game!!

Play, Earn, Receive Gifts! A loyalty program that makes sense! Amazing!!

Play this, get these, OMG :P

It's always there now!

The Rewardville Page..

Steps For a Successful Signup (And Bonus)..

Give It Permission Obviously..

Like the App..

Bookmark the page (Click the button or hit Ctrl+D)

and Get 5 People to Join

Don't Forget To Grab Your Free Item!
31 Attack
71 Defense
Here Are The 3 Pages of Rewards Out So Far
(I was able to purchase all on page 1 and haven't started playing yet)

I got this limit after earning just 10 zCoins!

RewardVille FAQ
Updated 03/04/2011 01:55 AM

What are zPoints?

zPoints are points you earn for playing Zynga games. You can earn a maximum of 80 points per game per day, with a maximum of 300 points across the entire Zynga network each day. As you earn points you increase your zLevel and earn zCoins. Currently, you can earn zPoints for playing the following games:

Café World
Mafia Wars
Treasure Isle
Vampire Wars
Zynga Poker

What are zCoins?

zCoins are awarded when your zLevel increases. zCoins are redeemed in RewardVille for in-game items.

How do I sign up for zPoints?

You automatically earn zPoints for playing all Zynga games. To redeem zCoins in RewardVille, you must register for a Zynga account.

What are the rules for zPoints, zCoins and RewardVille?

zPoints, zCoins and RewardVille are subject to the Zynga Terms of Service and void where prohibited. zPoints, zLevel and zCoins are not transferable and have no cash value. zCoins may only be redeemed for virtual items offered in RewardVille. Users may only maintain and earn zPoints and zCoins in one Zynga account. Zynga may adjust zPoint or zCoin balances to correct computing errors or exploits and may suspend or terminate users' access to zPoints and RewardVille for violating Zynga's Terms of Service. Zynga reserves the right to modify or terminate zPoints, zLevel, zCoins, and RewardVille at any time by posting a notice on the Zynga web site or by sending an email.

Why are zPoints, zCoins, zLevels and RewardVille in Beta? What does Beta mean?

zPoints, zCoins, zLevels and RewardVille are new features and therefore subject to change. The "Beta" designation simply means that the features are still in this period of change. As the program matures, the features may move out of the Beta phase. Zynga may modify or terminate any feature or program at its discretion.

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