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To make it easy you can Get My Toolbar which includes all of the Bookmarklets below right at your fingertips.. Plus Much, Much More!


MW Gamebar Loads The Mafia Wars Gamebar by Zynga in the current window (Google Chrome), Just click again if it says login to continue.
Free Slot Spins You can use this once every 24 hours and it will give you 3 Free Lucky Stash Slot Machine Spins. Run it anywhere.
Mafia Wars Unframed This will load the game straight into an unframed version of mafia wars. Run from anywhere.
MW Mobile Unframed This will load the game straight into an unframed version of mafia wars mobile and get your bonus. Run from anywhere.
Atlantic City Bonus District Click once to load mafia wars mobile and click again to load the bonus district of Atlantic City (Intro Level).
Atlantic City Unlocker Click once to load mafia wars mobile and click again to load the uptown level of Atlantic City even if it is locked for you. Complete the chapter and the rest will automatically be unlocked for you to continue

Spockholm Mafia Tools
Unframe-MW Used to Unframe the Mafia Wars game, this is needed for most bookmarklets. Click once to unframe, then click again to add scrollbars. Bookmarklet can also hide the Reload Revolver.
Switch Switches from MW profiles (unframed)
to Facebook profiles, works from FB to MW aswell.
Item Analyzer New bookmarklet that will analyze your inventory. For the new inventory layout only. Do not rely on the stats 100%, always verify manually before gifting away items.
Stream Helper This bookmarklet will scan your facebook feed for Mafia Wars related information. It does not work for everyone, you might need to put some work into it. There are some brief instructions on the Mafia-Tools blog. 
Watch My Video Tutorial For A Full Walk-Through.
AttackX Repeat attacks on your current target. Works from MW profile pages and fight result screens. Great for attacking iced targets, they do not know you are attacking them!
Robber Use on Robbery page (unframed). Bookmarklet will repeat the robbing and log statistics. Can also be used on profile rob pages, but does not repeat there.
RepeatJob Do a job once, let Repeat Job save you clicking if you want to do it more times. (Works on New York, Bangkok, Cuba, Russia)
RepeatJob Brazil RepeatJob for Brazil
RepeatJob Redux RepeatJob for Las Vegas and Italy combined into one.
RepeatJob Atlantic Simple clicker for Atlantic City. Do a job once, launch bookmarklet and it will keep clicking the Do Job button until 100% mastery.
RepeatJob Vegas RepeatJob for Las Vegas
RepeatJob Italy RepeatJob for Italy, early development release.
Operation-A-Nator Bookmarklet that creates a list of your Mafia operations, so you can share with friends in forums and groups. Use on Operations pages.. Read My Tutorial For More Info..
Operation Click Unframe the game using Unframe-MW. Go to the "My Mafia Operations" page under Operations. Launch bookmarklet.
Operation & War Hunter Stream Helper crossed with War Hunter, scans your news-feed for wars and operations (former missions). Then checks if they are active or not.
Checklist Daily Checklist, help keep track on timers for events. Made by Eike. If you run into trouble, please read here before asking for help or posting a bug report. The MW Loot Lady has also written a guide about this new bookmarklet, make sure to read that too.
Tournament-O-Matic Saves your click finger when doing Tournaments in Las Vegas. Made by Eike.
Re-Vaulter Do you have a lot of collections to revault? Use this bookmarklet and it will repeat the process for you.
Use on your Collections & Vault page after selecting city.
Brutus Helper Collect Boosts and Job Helper combined into one bookmarklet. Slow and brute but works. Works best if run on any other page than the Gift page. Note that you can only help FB friends, so using the internal list on Gift page may be inaccurate.
Buy Properties Use on your New York properties page. Then enter your wanted level of properties and press Start.
War Hunter Beta Search your friends for active wars to help out in. (There is also a combined Operation/War Hunter)
List FB Friends Use this bookmarklet to retrieve lists of your FB friends, can filter out MW playing and non-MW playing. The initial load is all MW playing FB friends.
Crafty Lil' Helper Bookmarklet to build items in Chop Shop, Weapons Depot and Armory.
Mktplace Fight Club Buyer Unframe the game, go to the Fight Club page in Marketplace. Launch bookmarklet. Select item to buy and how many. Sit back and relax.
Link-A-Nator Generate links for other free gifts, like the Bagman Mugger does for Mystery Bags. For use with the Bagman Mugger. Read My Tutorial on how to post free gift links.
Free Gift Get-A-Nator Search your friend's wall posts for Link-a-Nator links. MW Loot Lady has written a guide for it.
Loose Slots Bookmarklet that searches your friends Las Vegas Casinos for slots to play. If it isn't working, try reloading the game.
Stat-A-Nator Want to know how you are doing on achievements? This bookmarklet will tell you. Unframe the game and run anywhere. MW Loot Lady review.
Skill Point Assassin Need to apply skill points? This tool will do it. Use it on your profile page.
Quick Healer Autoheal when you reach 25% health. Will heal in your active city.
Safehouse Cracker Use to open up Safehouse gifts. Can be launched anywhere.
Family Ferret Scan your mafia and get their stats.
People Picker Gifting friends made easier, read more here. This bookmarklet does the same as the Gift Friends page
ZMC Agent Zynga Message Center Agent, handles gift accepting in the Message Center. Pick items to open/ignore or keep.
Boss Fighter (Special) First release of a bookmarklet that will attack special event bosses (not Vegas/Italy) and heal, expect bugs and crashes. Select a boss to fight and launch the bookmarklet. To stop the bookmarklet you need to finish the boss/run away/get crushed. Then click Boss-Fighter above your health. Or just reload the page/close the tab. Just like Quick Healer.
Boss Fighter (Italy) Start fighting a Italy boss, launch bookmarklet, hope it works
Boss Fighter (Vegas) Like the Italy Boss Fighter, but for Vegas.
MiniPack Get the random boost without installing the Zynga Toolbar in your browser. Bookmarklet will open up three new windows that emulate the toolbar. If you see a Login with Facebook button you need to click this. You need to have the Zynga Game Bar Facebook application installed for this to work.
Vegas Calc A simple exp/stamina/energy calculator for Vegas, run it once on any Vegas job page and it will add ratios. Ratios by exp is exp/energy or exp/stamina depending on the job. Same goes for the cash reward. Works in Italy too.
Zynga Time Want to know what time it is over at Zynga HQ? Here is the bookmarklet for that.
Collection List List your collection inventory and what items you are missing. Use on Collections & Vault page. Very first release, a bit rough around the edges still. Only lists one city at a time.
Pulse Similar to Ice Check, but works on unframed fight list pages. Tags targets with ALIVE! or Iced. Firefox/Chrome only.
Ice Check Use on a unframed MW profile page to check if the target is iced or not.
List Achievements Helper bookmarklet, use on your unframed Achievements page. A popup will list the Id and Name of achievements.

Chucker Gift multiple items to a member of your mafia
Brawler Use to fight random opponents in current city
Wishlist Chucker Will send a specified number of gifts from the current MW Profile's Wishlist.
Robbit Use on the robbery page. Will continuously rob with no pause or stop options, but it is very fast.
TM Promote Run on the MW profile of the person you wish to Promote.
Feed Helper Will publish various posts to your feed to help. (Boss Help, Job Help, Etc..)
Sneak Attack Run on MW Profile and it will punch the user a specified number of times
Chance Helper Run on Daily Chance and numbers you’ve already selected once for the current week are highlighted in Green, more than once in Red.

XUnframeMW Unframe Mafia Wars window (updated 2010-02-06). You need to use this bookmarklet twice for the full effect. Once to remove the iframe (Facebook's ads, top bar, etc) and the second time makes the page viewable and restores the scrollbars so you can scroll down the page properly.
JGrabAllGifts JGrabAllGifts is a new bookmarklet that will accept all Mafia Wars (and other apps) gifts for you from Facebook's "requests" page. First Time Users Must Read My Tutorial!
JAddAll2 Version 2.03 (works for Castle Age, Zynga Pirates and Vampires games only right now.)
ConfirmAll Run from your Facebook requests page to confirm all new friend requests and optionally add them to a friends list to help keep your news feed organized.
JAddAll3 Beta Run from your 'recruit mafia' page in Mafia Wars on Facebook, it queries Facebook for your friends list, removes people already in your mafia and then attempts to add everyone else to your mafia without using invites.
JGrabAllGifts Beta This bookmarklet will give you the latest BETA version of JGrabAllGifts. Currently JGAG v1.10. Added friend request confirmation option. Migrated JConfirmAll functionality into this script with a few tweaks. You can add to multiple friend lists (using regex).

MWHelper Analyzer Run on your profile page. Performs a thorough analysis of your items and gives you a detailed result of all items, attack & defense strength, mafia strength, etc.. If bookmarklet is down use the analyzer on their website. Make sure you allow popups!
Simply use the bookmarklet on any page with user pictures. Two links will appear beside every picture. The MW link takes you to the users Mafia Wars Profile.


Use it in a few steps: step one will remove frames. Then go to any Mafia Wars page with pictures (home, after attack, wars, operations, etc.) and use the bookmarklet again. Two links will appear beside every picture. The FB link takes you to the users Facebook Profile and the MW link takes you to the users Mafia Wars Profile.

HLS 2 Step Run to manually create a Free Gift Link by entering the Gift ID. Then automatically creates a tinyurl for you to paste anywhere. The MW Loot Lady wrote a Tutorial with some more info.
HLS Manual Run to manually create a Free Gift Link by entering the Gift ID. This version gives you the full link that you can do what you want with. The MW Loot Lady wrote a Tutorial with some more info.
Fast Fight Club Buyer Will purchase items from the Fight Club Market, it won't look like it is doing anything but you will notice that when you refresh the page your coins have been spent and the items have been purchased.
Link Opener This Bookmarklet will open all the selected links one by one in new tabs. Very usefull if you are collecting TinyUrl from groups or notes. After running the Bookmarklet, Right click on your main tab and choose : Close other tabs.
Get-Id This Bookmarklet will give you your Mw p|id number. Run Unframed.

Note: I am just providing these Bookmark-lets to you and am not the creator nor am I responsible for any resulting actions they cause. Also, I am not endorsing their use as they are deemed "questionable" according to the Zynga TOS but it is well known that they are useful and necessary tools and unless you MIS-USE them no action should be taken against you by zynga or facebook and as of recently their TOS has changed seemingly to omit any mention of aids or scripts as it did in the past. But as we can never get a direct answer from Zynga it is still considered "use at your own risk." Contact the creators listed above each section if you have any concerns or issues regarding their use or have any issues or bugs to report!


I will no longer be directly publishing to this site! I have purchased a .com address and have a new site and a blog software to go with it! So check it out and update your bookmarks!

If you follow me through NetworkedBlogs on Facebook or Google's "Feedburner" you don't have to change anything! I have already updated the feeds to publish from the new site!

Links to the new posts will be made here by an auto poster, but that will be the extent of the attention given to this site.

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