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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook Security Scam! Watch Out!

There is an email being sent to facebook users that "appears" to look legitimate and has a Facebook support address as the reply. But under closer inspection it is obvious that it isn't really from Facebook. It's warning you that your account will be suspended if you don't respond so they are using a standard scare tactic. It's very similar to an older email that said it looks like your account has been hacked, please go update your info and does pretty much the same thing.

This email wants you to go to a website to verify your facebook username and password. No website, especially facebook would send you an email asking for your credentials. They already know it! Common Sense People... So below is the email being sent and a copy of the page to watch out for.

Here's the email that you'll receive..

Here is the page you will be directed to if you click the link..

Think before you act when you receive an email, especially when the email is trying to scare you into doing something! Chances are it's a scam! And obviously if you can still login to facebook, there really isn't anything to worry about..

Thank you Rose Vrionides- Boubaris for bringing this to my attention.

1 comment:

  1. I have also seen the stupidity of FB. When facebook introduced the Live Feeds option a couple of months back, i disliked it in the first sight. Only yesterday I found in my live feeds that a friend of mine liked someone's picture. When i went to that person's profile to check the picture it was private and not visible to people who are not friends with that person, but the same picture was available in my live feeds. What a crap, people can't secure their privacy because of live feeds. I think FB should put back the older version that didnot have live feeds.



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