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Friday, March 18, 2011

America's Under Siege!!

Well it's another mission set, and we all thought bangkok would be the last.. Nope! Now the terror has spread to America!! And for some reason they're giving us less time on this one, only 5 and a half days to complete the mission sets you better get moving and plan your collections properly so you don't have to wait. So check out the stats below..

Apparently this attack affects Atlantic City too.. Because 2 of the levels are locked down.. And I was just about to master the 4th one for the mastery loot :'-(

Imperium State
Given by Alex Nash.
Get Support From Your Mafia (5x).
Acquire 20 Sets of Blackmail Photos.
Build 2 Armors.

Secret Origins
Given by Donald Harper. Unlocks after completing Imperium State
Collect From Your Dockyard 2 Times. You may collect from Dockyard every 8 hours
Win 100 Fights In New York.
Job: Influence a Harbor Official (20x).

Plans With Plans
Given by Donald Harper. Unlocks after completing Secret Origins
Get Support From Your Mafia (10x).
Ice 15 Opponents In New York.
Defeat a Key Imperium Lieutenant. (Guy D'Meeno has 10,000 Health)

The City of Sin
Given by Juliana "Black Widow" Trieste. Unlocks after completing Plans With Plans
Collect 2 Times From Poker Room.
Aquire 30 Sets of Blackmail Photos.
Rob 10 Poker Tables In Las Vegas.

Fistfuls of Sand
Given by Kyla Ross. Unlocks after completing The City of Sin
Job: Buy Off A Crooked Cop
Aquire 20 Sets of Blackmail Photos.
Win 1 War

A Spreading Plague
Given by "Red" Jackson. Unlcoks after completing Fistfuls of Sand
Get Support From Your Mafia (10x).
Job: Open Fire On A Rival Outfit (30x)
Make Sure He Stays Down This Time. (Guy D'Meeno has 16,000 Health)

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