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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fly On Over to Brazil! The Beta Is Waiting!

That's right, with just hours left in the Carnaval Event they launched Brazil Beta for anybody that was able to purchase the Air Brazil Jet with 150 Masks! So if you were one of the many, head on over, it's time to play a new level!

If you get this popup it will take to you to the page you need..

You can get to this page by clicking the link above, or the one in the see rewards link from the event banner..

Check out some of the features in the new location..

What your crew consists of and the features they bring..
Get onto peoples Crews

It Turns into a Mystery Bag If The Crew Is Full..

Add people to your crew

You immediately get an achievement for arriving..

After the first job it unlocks your first property. Your Headquarters!

Click on the cogs to build it..

Then click build..

Check out the materials you'll need.. Luckily it's some of the same from Vegas!

So Head on over to Brazil and get on some jobs and get some loot!

For Mastering the First Level in Brazil..

New Promotion Screen for when you level up at Brazil..

1 comment:

  1. just tried Brazil, finished first region and jumped to second just to see what is about , but all together im not impressed with Brazil at all. I think that for us higher lever players is nothing much interesting. Loot is nothing special with maybe one weapon, armor , car and animal with 70stats, mastery rewards are like in New York, increase of loot drop, robbing chances and like that. I have a feeling like is made for low level players. But in lack of something else is worth of playing :)



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