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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Battle For Bangkok Is Almost Here!

Well the massacre in moscow is almost over so I hope you're all done with that! But be prepared for the next set of missions. It's time to Battle for Bangkok! I liked my guess better :P (Bad luck in bangkok) but Zynga is never one for originality, especially when they have a laid out set of event planned to rollout with no support to assist anybody. 

But here's a Q & A thats floating around on the Zynga Boards that has to do with the upcoming event:

Battle in Bangkok - Mission Event

Seasons change, and in March, Mafia Wars will change in an unprecedented way.

Q: Battle in Bangkok? Does this mean Bangkok is closing?
A: Recent Changes have effected Mafia Wars and the storyline involves prompt action needed in Bangkok. The Brazilian based crime ring known as the Neo-Imperium is on the move. Their criminal network is expanding to Asia and has infiltrated both the Triad and Yakuza organizations.

The Shadow King, formerly the biggest crime boss in Asia, has deposed and been forcefully deported from his native Thailand. He seeks your help in regaining his empire in Thailand, and presents the strongest ally in your fight against the overwhelming force and power of the Imperium. Old enemies have emerged and allied with the Imperium, and you'll have to defeat them if the tide is to be turned.

The Battle in Bangkok will only last a limited time and the future state of Bangkok still remains unknown. Business operations in Bangkok may come to an end. As of this moment….nobody knows! Continue to check back for the latest news.

Q: Where do I find Satellite Phones?

A: You can find these through 3 methods
1. Received from Free Gifts
2. From ‘Battle in Bangkok’ themed wall postings
3. As loot drop by completing job: ‘Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics’(Episode 3, Chapter 2)

Q: A mission says I have to collect X amount of ____ item. What if I already have them in my inventory?
A: You will still need to collect those items. Any items already in your inventory will not count towards the amount needed. The counter resets and does not start until the particular mission in the event starts.

Q: What if I have finished Bangkok already?
A: Bangkok can be revisited during this limited time event. In order to complete Battle in Bangkok missions, progress in Bangkok is required.

Every player will need to loot the Snake Fang Knife (61/61, Rare Weapon) to complete mission progress. This item will only drop in jobs and fights (but not robs) in Bangkok. Completing all missions and their related tasks will award you with the Special Mastery Item, a Coiled Strike (80/140 Superior Vehicle).

Q: What if I haven't finished Bangkok already?
A: If progress in Bangkok has not been fully completed, focusing job activity on fully completing Bangkok is highly recommended. As mentioned previously, the future state of Bangkok is unknown at this moment.

During this time of havoc, 5x Mastery will be granted on unmastered jobs. Once a job is fully mastered one skill point will be awarded. Mastery Items will also be granted for mastering each episode.

Q: What if I don't finish Bangkok before the battle expires?
A: The future state of Bangkok is currently unknown. Check back for information. The Battle in Bangkok Mission Event itself was designed to be difficult and some players will not complete it.

Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation to players who want to see the return of Bangkok or who do not complete the Mission events. If you have any feedback or opinions about this event, please visit -http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars/

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