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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Time To Battle In Bangkok!

Well as I said yesterday the battle was coming.. Well now it's here. And it is hopefully the last of this style of mission set and we can get back to the normal missions that come and go at random. But this time it's bangkok's turn!

So then when this is done all 3 cities will be locked and an upgrade will be started, hopefully that doesn't take too long. But Just in case Brazil will be released to keep us busy anyway!

Now onto this event. As you can tell it's just like the past 2. Do some jobs, fight some people, and collect help and items from your mafia! So here's the stats on the Missions:

Exiled No More
Given by The Shadow King.
Get Help From Your Mafia (5x).
Declare A War 1 Time.
Buy 1 Item From The Port.

The King Returns
Given by the Shadow King. Unlocks after completing Exiled No More.
Acquire 10 Satellite Phones.
Job: Force A Local Landowner To Sell (15x).
Complete 15 Succesful Robs In Bangkok

Little Brother
Given by Suchart. Unlocks after completing The King Returns.
Get Support From Your Mafia (5x).
Win 35 Fights In Bangkok.

Destroy Their Stronghold
Given by Chang. Unlocks after completing Little Brother.
Win 1 War.
Collect From Your Cockfighting Pen 2 Times.
Acquire 15 Satellite Phones.

Dangerous Dealings
Given by Suchart. Unlocks after completing Destroy Their Stronghold.
Asks For 6 Manila Envelopes From Your Mafia.
Succesfully Rob 10 Piracy Operations In Bangkok.

The Final Meeting
Given by The Shadow King. Unlocks after completing Dangerous Dealings.
Acquire 30 Satellite Phones.
Win 100 Fights In Bangkok.
Defeat The Shadow King.

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