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Friday, September 30, 2011

Collector's Edition: Snakewhipper Released!

 We have a decent defense weapon with a bonus +4 Defense Stat Boost! Get it while it lasts!

Mafia Wars 3 Year Anniversary & RP Sale!

Apparently it's been 3 years (It's actually been longer) and it's time to celebrate. Every day you log in until October 8th you will get a reward! 
 And to top it off the Reward Points are 60% off!! That's massive! you can get RP's as cheap as 2 bucks, so if you ever wanted to splurge, now is the time!

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Lucky Stash & Free Spins System!!

Make sure you are playing your free lotto spins, they have just gotten even better!
Now your loot winnings post will get you Free Bonus spins! 

Each player that spins your wheel on the post will get you a spin on your lucky stash jackpot wheel!

Special Delivery Mission Event!

Well Zynga has gone a bit crazy with this one, now I don't know if you have noticed, but the new Chicago Missions are a bit harder to master than those of the past. And it looks like the weekly missions are getting harder too, or at least a lot more time consuming.. In the second mission you have to declare 6 wars! Yes, SIX WARS!!! That's 3 days at a minimum assuming you can do one immediately. So be prepared for this one, it'll be a close one! (unless you pay up with some reward points)

Long Distance Friendship
"You should feel privileged." - Joe Castellano
Rob 27 times.
Get support from your mafia (5x). (Gift Requests)
Travel to Chicago.

The Enemy Of My Friend
Ice 7 opponents.
Declare a War 6 times.
Job: Dispose Of The Bodies (5x).

Payment Is Its Own Reward
Rob 20 times.
Job: Break Into Guido Pantucci's Warehouse (5x).
Acquire 10 Armors.
Get 6 Crew Members in city.

New York's Finest
Travel to New York.
Job: Distill Some Liquor (x5) (Enforcer)
Job: Liquor Smuggling (x5) (Enforcer)
Ask for 5 Crates from mafia.

Over The Bridge, Under Your Hat
Upgrade your Chop Shop 2 times.
Build 4 Vehicles from your Chop Shop.
Get support from your mafia (15x). (Gift Requests)

Thirsting For The Road
Win 3 Wars.
Take out 20 Street Thugs. (Requires 20)

Exchange On The Rocks
Travel to Chicago.
Job: Smuggle a Shipment Back to Chicago (5x).
Collect from your Truck Shop 6 times.
Get 10 crew members in Chicago.

A Taste Of The Good Life
Make 3 items at your Speakeasy.
Clear 7 robbing boards.
Get support from your mafia (20x). (Gift Requests)
Ice 30 opponents in Chicago.

Collector's Edition: Welkin Needler Released!

This time we have a defense vehicle with a nice energy boost! So get it while they last!

Mafia Wars Apparel & More Now For Sale!

Yup, you heard right. Zynga is finally stepping into selling Mafia Wars Merchandise! So be prepared to see your fellow mobsters walking around at the mall in a T-shirt or Mafia Wars Hoodie.. But they also have mugs, license plates, keychains, and even an iPad case! So check it out if you're interested... (http://bit.ly/MafiaWarsMerchandise)

Chicago Is Here And Ready For Action!

That's right! They just finished releasing Chicago to all of the players so head on over and take a look! And as usual with a new district they gave us a mission set to go along with it (Which I will cover in a later post) This time around you are going to need body bags, and lots of them!
So make sure you stock up on all you need before mastering past bronze and you shouldn't have any problems! (You just need a total of 60 for the jobs, but the first mission requires you to do one of those jobs 35 times!) So stock up!
As well as another set of crew slots to fill and help you along!
And there's also a new set of collections to unlock! Unfortunately it's just for a few one time stat boosts..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's The Family Boss Taunt Contest!

Check out the official rules or read them below.. 

Mafia Wars 2 Coming Soon!

Go to this special Mafia Wars Fan Page for Exlusive Items! The more "likes" the page gets the better weapons we recieve! So spread the word and this link -> http://on.fb.me/MafiaWars2FanPage

Well.. Here we go again! At least it will be an even playing field again.. Unless they do what zynga does.. and give out massive bonus RP's for previous players, or to those who are loyalty gods.. At any rate we will either see a massive success.. or EPIC FAILURE!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Henchmen Loot Collection Event!

 Collect these loot items by doing jobs and performing fights! Or buy them in the market.. And as usual you can only collect up to 10 and then you have to gift the rest away!

Here's are the stats on all of the standard collection items:

Here are the stats on the Grand Mastery Item:

Collection Item: "Snow Trekkers" Released!

This time we have a pretty power Attack Armor with a bonus +4 attack boost! So get one before they run out!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buy The Capsule Launcher!

This is a pretty ingenious idea on their part, the more sold the more powerful the item is, so it encourages everybody to buy buy buy and everyone will be greatly rewarded. At any rate it is a really nice weapon, so buy it up and help the cause!

Lead Into Gold Mission Event!

Like having to complete a secret district in a finite amount of time isn't enough.. why not throw a mission set that makes you perform specific tasks while finishing that district!? 
So here's the info on the missions:

Myth Busting
Activate 4 Crew Members in Brazil.
Acquire 8 Armors.

Buy 2 Horny Toad ATVs from your Black Market.
Fight 40 opponents in Brazil.
Job: Make A Path To The Temple (10x).

Belongs In A Museum!
Find 8 Sultan's Sabers from Jobs.
Find 8 Midas' Butterfly Knifes from Jobs.
Find 8 Scythe Chariots from Jobs.
Find 8 Dueling Shields from Jobs.
Find 10 Everglade Rat Snakes from Fights.
Find 10 Golden Poison Frogs from Robbing.

Skeleton Key
Ask for 6 ShrapShields from Mafia. (Gift Requests)
Loot 18 Firebombs from Robbing.

The Zipa's Tomb
Win 15 Fights.
Declare a War 2 times.
Loot 20 Golden Tigers from Fights in Brazil.

Burning Bridges
Ice 10 opponents in Brazil.
Collect from your Barracks 2 times.
Job: Ambush An Unwitting Expedition (15x).

Breaking Camp
Trade 6 Gold Treasure Chest Keys for 6 Street Partys.
Take out 15 Amateur Tomb Raiders. (Requires 5 Stamina)
Job: Smuggle A Relic Overseas (18x).

New Secret District Unlocked: El Dorado!

Another secret district has been unlocked for us to explore in Brazil! And this time we have a much shorter amount of time to complete it. But at any rate it's the same as before, mastery prizes will be awarded and there are special items required to do certain jobs.
 The item you will require is the Jungle Map.. It is available as a free gift and also as a reward for completing a job.
Just make sure you use your 2x Loot Crew member and stock up on them before mastering so you can get them at barely any expense. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Out Of Time Mission Event!

Remember: Do not rob Bribery Ring, it will decrease your total of cuban Mercenaries!

Intel Inside
Trade 6 sets of Infiltration Gear for 6 Sets of Pain & Suffering.
Acquire 10 Cuban Mercenaries.

Epic Loot
Collect 5 Renaldos from Fights.
Collect 5 Shelled Torsos from Fights.
Collect 5 Goliath Groupers from Robbing (Cuba).
Collect 5 Trigger Happys from Robbing (Cuba).

Fish In A Barrel
Take Out 8 Neo-Imperium Captains. (Requires 8 Stamina)
Acquire 15 Cuban Mercenaries.

Firearm Filibuster
Get support from your mafia (6x). (Gift Requests)
Fight 40 Opponents (Cuba).
Job: Sink A Competing Smuggler's Ship (10x)

Happy Explosion Day
Build 2 Armors.
Acquire 18 Cuban Mercenaries.
Win 2 Wars.

Cuban Coda
Get 6 Crew Members in Brazil.
Job: Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation (20x)
Ice 15 Opponents. (Cuba).


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