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Saturday, January 29, 2011

No More Double Missions!?

Well it looks like there were a limited amount of missions that you could do 2 at a time! I got through about 10 extra missions before they disappeared! So that was about 20 total missions counting both, it was nice while it lasted but I was under the impression it was a permanent thing! As I'm sure the majority of you were too.. Well just take advantage of it while it lasts and get those extra gifts and experience points!

This was the last set of bonus missions I got.. 
(Simple enough, just collect rewards and do some jobs!)
(Henchmen in 3 Cities!, It took me all day! They just weren't showing up, so don't freak out, it just takes a while!)
(Both Henchmen Took 35 Stamina to attack!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Time to Crack The Safe!

This is just another attempt by Zynga to get people to Install the Toolbar, Like their fan page, Get more players to join, and allow them to auto publish from the game to your wall. Now if your an active player you probably have already done all of that. The only thing will be inviting 5 new people to join, they don't have to be new to mafia wars, just new to your mafia family! So start sending and get that loot!

Another Energy Refill Is Back!!

Thank you Zynga! They corrected this injustice and returned to us another Energy Refill! It may be more expensive than before but hey! I'll take it! Now you have a full energy refill for 400 Victory Coins and a Full Energy Refill for 5 RP and 100 Victory Coins! Both of them reset every 18Hrs.. I'm off to buy me a refill and play some Mafia Wars!

Are You In The 501 Club!?

Well the majority of us already are! And that doesn't mean you should ignore those +2 Members Gifts you receive.. At first they were just adding 2 more hired guns..But now it gives you a random Consumable, usually Animal Feed, but take what you get.. Don't just hit ignore!

(I Think I'm Set)

Send Those Hallow Warriors!

With all the new items and everything being thrown around why not start another special free gift!? Well now you can send Hallow Warriors, they're just like the Time Capsules and the Coffins. You can only open 5 a day and they come with some limited edition loot inside! One of which is a plane called the "Island Hopper" 74 Attack and 118 Defense.. Not bad at all! So go on and start collecting some loot!

Italy Is Tougher Than Ever!

The new chapters sure are no cake walk like the first chapters were, the first set of masterys are comparible to the Gold or Ruby level mastery of chapters 1-5. So your gonna have to stock up on SmartPhones, Hidden Charges, and everything in between! Oh and don't forget a truckload of energy to go along with it! It seems they don't want us finishing this one quickly, but I guess thats not a bad thing, but it looks like they went to a bit of an extreme to pull that off! At least there are missions and cheap Fighters Energy Refill's to help push you over to the next level.

Yes, that's 50 Hidden Charges you'll need, and oh.. whats that? You need 1 Cooked Book to get each of those.. Of course you do! Well just come up with a MINIMUM of 14,875 Energy and 800,000 Lira and you'll have all the requirements just to do this ONE JOB! On the easiest mastery level..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jump In The Shark Tank!

Well they're laying it out plain and simple for us.. Bellow is the FAQ sheet on the fighting structure for mafia wars and why it gets so difficult when you reach certain levels. But now they've restructured the system and come out with some new tiers they believe will work out better.. Now players hitting 450 won't be slaughtered like baby lambs anymore.. They'll have to wait to 601 instead! The game will actually give you an option to Opt-in to the "Shark Tank" if you're below level 601! Whether that's a good idea or not is really on you, but if you've got cahones then go for it! Just remember that there is no backing out after you  have opted-in!

Shark Tank 411

The newest fighting achievement is called the Shark Tank Achievement. Prior to this achievement, all players above level 450 were accessible to players above level 450 on the Fight List, so it was possible for a level 456 player to see a level 1234 player on their Fight List. In fact, one of the biggest complaints was from players having opponents thousands of levels higher than them on the Fight List.

Now Mafia Wars has grown in total number of players, it's time that there are two additional tiers to balance out the fighting. Players above level 401 will now be split into two groups -

Level 301-400, 401-600, Level 600+

Players between levels 301 and 400 will only see other players within that level range on their Fight List.

Players between levels 401 and 600 will only see other players within that level range on their Fight List.

Players reaching level 601, officially graduate to The Shark Tank. In the Shark Tank, you will no longer be in the 'kiddie pools'. It will be possible to see your Fight List populated with players hundres or thousands of levels above yours. If you want to improve your chances of survival in the Shark Tank, you'll want to improve your items with rares, superior, and ultimate rarity items, and make sure you have plenty of skill devoted to Attack and Defense.

After you win your first 10 fights while in the Shark Tank, you will earn the Shark Tank Achievement and the skill point that comes along with it.


Q: Can I go into the Shark Tank if I'm below level 601?

A: Level 601 is an absolute requirement for admission into the Shark Tank. We're researching the possibility of allowing lower level players to 'opt-in' to the Shark Tank, but at the moment, that is not an option.

Q: Can I back out of the Shark Tank if I'm above level 600?

A: Once you're in the Shark Tank, there's no backing out. Our game is called Mafia Wars for a very good reason.

Q: I'm above level 600 and having a hard time finding live opponents.

A: This is something the Mafia Wars team is closely monitoring during the first few days of this update. We want to ensure that there is enough 'bait' for higher level players to attack, as well as preventing players that illegally use attack-bots from 'eating all the bait'.*

Q: What are good ways to improve my attack and defense skill stats?

A: Convert Reward Points into skill points is one way to do so. You should also remember to craft your daily items in the Weapons Depot, Chop Shop, Armory, and Private Zoo, as some of those items come with permanent attack and defense skill additions. Attack and Defense boosts also offer temporary help.

Q: My attack and defense skill displayed on my Fight Page sometimes goes up and/or down. What's happening?

A: This is because your attack and defense boosts are being used in current fights. Please refer to the following support article -Click here.

Q: I think another player is 'unfairly' attacking me or their stats seem really high for their level.

A: If another player's attack or defense stats seem high, please look for the presence of Loyalty Program Mastery Items on their account. This will usually indicate if a player has spent money to improve their stats beyond those of non-paying players. If you feel 'unfairly' attacked, please read this support article thoroughly before submitting a ticket.

*Update 1/22 - After initial data analysis, the updated Shark Tank is temporarily closed while the designers are discussing how to ensure there is enough 'live bait' for players attacking legitimately.

*Update 1/27 - After analysis of the player distribution, the Shark Tank will be reintroduced at a level 601 threshold. This should ensure there are more 'live' players on Shark Tank Fight Lists. The Shark Tank will reopen today.

Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation for players who are afraid of sharks or being in the Shark Tank with other high level players, or want permanent invincibiliy to shark attacks. If you have any feedback or opinions about this achievement, please visit - http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars/

Script Users & Autoplayers Beware! Zynga Has Automated Account Suspensions!

Just like the rest of the site, this page has also been moved!
Go to the new one now!


Just like the rest of the site, this page has also been moved!
Go to the new one now!

What, Are We Blind?

Now that they have added the ability to do two missions its like Zynga thinks were either stupid or blind.. Apparently we can't keep track of 2 things at once! They have these new obnoxious arrows that pop up every so often "reminding" you to start your mission or check it if you haven't finished it yet. We get it! But when it takes 2-3 days to do a large number of the missions that gets a wee bit annoying!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mafia Wars Add-On Hits Version 3.0!

There is an error when you go to upgrade that says you are trying to downgrade and won't let you. So you have to uninstall the old version first, which was, But was labeled in the program code missing the first zero. Don't worry it will save all of your settings when you uninstall and install the new version! The highlights include new greasemonkey compatibility and when you publish your free gifts to notes it says the date and time in the title so you know right there its new. And an option to select who can see your wall posts the add on creates! See the rest of the updates below.

Get The Updated MW Addon

  • Added compatibility with Firefox 4 (beta).
  • Added compatibility with Greasemonkey 0.9.0
  • Configuration Menu
  • Added possibility to select the privacy of your wall post.
  • - Everyone, All friends, Friends of friends, Myself or friend list.
  • - To select facebook friendlist you need to give permissions to Mafia Wars.
  • Stats Page
  • Added "Add this user to WhiteList!" button to add the enemy user to battlefield's WhiteList.
  • Added "Add this user to BlackList!" button to add the enemy user to battlefield's BlackList.
  • News Helper (old Auto Helper)
  • Rewrited completely.
  • New persistent popup style feature!.
  • Automatic help in all jobs, send parts, energy, wars, etc...
  • Load any page that the Help requires, like job page, index, stats, etc.
  • When load a page, popup is closed and a text-box will appear in top where you can click to open the popup again.
  • Show only most recent news.
  • All events from an attacker will be hiden in the same Help to make it more easy.
  • - Clicking "Show all events" will show up all events of this attacker.
  • Users who attack/rob you or has participated in a war against you will be directly added to battlefield! whitelist.
  • Added possibility to Help or Ignore.
  • Added filter to show by news type.
  • Added "Refresh" button to refresh news.
  • Added "Reset and Refresh" button to refresh and show all news.
  • Operations Page
  • Added "Close and Reset" button to operations popup to close it and reset all links.
  • Added "Close but keep" button to operations popup to close it but keep all links.
  • Removed "Reset Links" button from top page.
  • Battlefield!
  • Bank deposit will be deactivated while figthing the same user, so now it's more easy to get iced/kill.
  • Added new event comments in fight screen.
  • Gift Page
  • Modified Date string and note's title.

Top 10 Items In Italy! (For Each Category)

Here's a list of the top 5 items for attack and defense in Italy now!

Aldo's Palermitan Horse A:82 D:121
Sea Eagle Animal A:74 D:55
Bolla A:68 D:55
Meadow Viper A:62 D:37
Coccodrillo A:57 D:40

Aldo's Palermitan Horse A:82 D:121
Italian Porcupine A56 D:66
Sea Eagle Animal A74 D:55
Bolla A:68 D:55
Cinghiale A:45 D:50

Di Rossi's Assassin Armor A:210 D:124
Enzo's Monocle A:104 D:155
Antiproiettil A:66 D:52
Armatura Ramarro A:65 D:45
Corpo Armatura A:63 D:31

Enzo's Monocle A:104 D:155
Di Rossi's Assassin A:210 D:124
Swiss Guard Armor A:59 D:69
Armatura Motociclett Armor A:40 D:66
Pulcinella A:45 D:56

Auto Elettrica A:148 D:98
Marco Marino AF A:68 D:47
Pontiff-1 A:66 D:49
Giove Velocita A:65 D:52
Fenzi Tuorno A:52 D:25

Auto Elettrica A:148 D:98
Popemobile A:30 D:62
Asconini A:33 38 D:61
Avanti Tutta A:44 D:56
Rex Enterra A:43 D:54

Messinos Pistol A:175 D:118
Sword of St. Godfrey A:121 D:192
De Rossi's Shotgun A:107 D:69
Roman Legion A:74 D:58
Del Brenta Cane Sword A:72 D:133

Sword of St. Godfrey A:121 D:192
De Rossi's Shotgun A:107 D:69
Messinos Pistol A:175 D:118
De Rossi's Shotgun A:107 D:69
Spaghetti Western A:39 D:65

Time To Set Up Your NightClub!

Now that the New Italy Chapters have been released, it's time to get your NightClub up and running, So what is it gonna take? Well of course you're gonna have to do a lot of jobs before you can unlock it and the propery job iteself isn't a walk in the park either! You're going to need 25 Smartphones! So if you have to earn those too its going to be a challenge! That 2,625 energy points at a MINIMUM just to get the Smartphones and then an additional 2,250 energy points on the property job! But once its done you can build your NightClub! So get to work and hopefully you have enough energy and refills to do the deed! 

New Italy Chapters Are Here!!

It's Official! The New Chapters are released and ready to play! It was a 3 day Rollout but you should be playing it by now! So go to italy and Rob, Fight, And Steal some good loot! What a good day it is to be a Mafia Wars player! First we got New Fight Club Rewards, Then New Fight Loot, and Now Italy has been fully released! Time to have some fun!!

New Fight Loot!!

First we get New Fight Club Rewards, So how about some new Fight Loot to go along with it!? Well they did just that, you'll notice some new loot dropping when your nocking around some weaker mafia members, and its not half bad either. So go start a brawl and get some new loot!

(DEADLY IS RIGHT! 91 Def! & 65 Atk!)

(It's about time for some better loot!)

New Fight Club Items & Some Energy!

Finally there's some new stuff to purchase with your victory coins! They seem to have practically wiped out the old items and its all new, only a few things remain from before.. Like the Energy Refill, But there is only one of them instead of 3! At least they removed the purchase timer for everything! Except for the Energy that is! Come on Zynga, Give us what we want! Anyway, It may not be the cheap LP energy boost like they had before, but hey! I'll take a full refill for 5 RP's any day of the week! Go check out the new items and spend some coins!

(A Cheap Refill Anytime You Need It)
(Just another shotgun)
(A Newer Vest)
(Here We Go..)
(Now We're Talking..)
(Finally Some Really Good Items)

Is It Halloween?

With the release of the New Italy Chapters being rolled out there are bound to be some weird gifts showing up in your inbox, and not from mystery bags, every once in a while you will get the option to send one yourself! I just got some Treat Bags! So apparently its Halloween or something!? Just have fun with it and if you get the chance, send out something strange to your mafia!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where's Italy Chapters 6-8!? I'll Tell You!

Well as Zynga "Promised" the rollout did start on Monday, maybe you are one of the lucky ones, but probably not! Since they have had several server overload issues when launching new features all at once in the past it will be a several day rollout performed over this week. But they did release the 411 and Factoids yesterday and here they are:


There are 3 New Regions in Italy - Calabria, Citta del Vaticano, and The Eternal City.

The only new property - Nightclub

Property - Exclusive Part, Region (Job)

Nightclub - DJ, Calabria (Set Up Your Nightclub)

Region(Job) - Job consumable required

Calabria (Rig the Vote for Local Governor) - Smart Phone

Calabria (Set Up Your Nightclub) - Smart Phone

Citta Del Vaticano (Blow Up a Hole in the Vatican Wall) - Hidden Charges

Citta Del Vaticano (Scale the Vatican Wall) - Smart Phone

Citta Del Vaticano (Procure a Roman Sewer Map) - Cooked Books

Citta Del Vaticano (Locate the Secret Archive Vault) - Hidden Charges

The Eternal City (Infiltrate Rafael Di Rossi's Spy Network) - Smart Phone

The Eternal City (Meet a Traitor) - Smart Phone

The Eternal City (Smuggle in Explosives) - Hidden Charges

The Eternal City (Demolish Di Rossi's Villa) - Hidden Charges

Region(Job) - Job consumable produced

Roma (Intercept a Handoff in the Colisseum) - Severed Pinky

Roma (Assassinate a Corrupt City official) - Severed Pinky

Palermo (Track Down Don Adriano) - Rail Pass

Milano (Free a Professional Assassin) - Smart Phone

Milano (Blackmail A Track Official) - Cooked Books

Milano (Interrogate A Lackey) - Cooked Books

Napoli (Snag a Lucrative Disposal Contract) - Hidden Charges

Calabria (Set Up Your Nightclub) - DJ

Region - Job items needed

Calabria - Bribed Official, XC48 Superboat, Rabbia SMG, Bolo Bizetti

Citta Del Vaticano - Tranq Pistol, RDX, Vatican Cart, Cassock

The Eternal City - Guanti, Gioni Alfo, XC48 Superboat, Bribed Officials, RDX

Region - Loot Drops (non-giftable)

Calabria - Rex Enterra (V), Arriverderci (W), Angelo Della Morte (W), Meadow Viper(An), Asconini 33(V), Italian Porcupine (An), Giove Velocita(V)

Citta Del Vaticano - Popemobile (V), Templar Hammer (W), Templar Shield (A), Giove Velocita (V), Pontiff-1 (V), Holy Hand Grenade (W), Swiss Guard (A)

The Eternal City - Guanti (A), Spaghetti Western (W), Armatura Ramarro (A), Swiss Guard (A), Marco Marino AF (V), Roman Legion (W), Sea Eagle (An)

Region - Boss, Mastery Item

Calabria - Don Messino, Messino's Pistol (W)

Citta Del Vaticano - Commandant Ebersold, Sword of St. Godfrey (W)

The Eternal City - Don Rafael Di Rossi, Di Rossi's Assassin (A)


Factoid: There are 4 tiers of Mastery (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby). Each Region will have 2-3 paths (Energy, Fight, Social).

Factoid: You do not need master all paths to finish a tier. Beating a boss will automatically advance you to a fully unmastered map on the next tier. If you want the skill points from completing jobs in other paths, be sure to complete those jobs before mastering the tier.

Factoid: You can request help on a Social Job every 12 hours

Factoid: Some job consumables will be harder to obtain and may require doing multiple jobs (like New York City required Concealable Camera Loot as a consumable requirement for the job that produced Blackmail Photos) You will need Cooked Books (from Milano) to do the job (in Napoli) that produces Hidden Charges.

Factoid: Job consumables are designed to be obtainable from certain jobs in Regions 1-5. Yes, this means you will have to repeat jobs in Regions 1-5 to complete jobs in Regions 6-8

Factoid: Factoid, like Vegas, job consumables, property parts, collection items, and loot drops will occur and random and at varying rarities. Job consumables will drop from specific jobs. Specific loot drops will only drop in specific regions.

Factoid: All DJs currently in inventory will be removed prior to the release of Regions 6-8. These are unreleased items.

Factoid: Jobs in Regions 6-8 will produce less Lira than Jobs in Regions 1-5.

Factoid: Regions 6-8 will have more social jobs than Regions 1-5

Factoid: Jobs in Regions 6-8 will have higher energy requirements on average than Regions 1-5.

The Missions Are Getting Harder! Or At Least More Time Consuming!

The missions have been getting better and better but they just went from being somewhat easy and being able to complete 2 at a time to an extreme curve of not even being able to complete them in one sitting or even 3 days!! And its not due to lack of energy or stamina, It's because I have to wait to make Items, Come On!! You think you wouldn't end up in a situation where you get stuck like this, but then it happens!

(This one was a stamina burner.. Took me two refills!)
(Damn You! Build 3 Animals! Thats Just A Time Killer..)
(Got Stuck With 2 Time Wasters! Noooo!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Come On Italy Chapters 6-8! Where Are You!?

Well the Preview Week is over and Today is the Official Release day and we are all still waiting! They updated the 6-8 Preview Week post a few hours ago and its still says Today's the day! But like always they seem to wait till the last minute! Or at least the reset time of 5pm PST. So hopefully thats when we can see the new chapters! T-Minus 2 Hours if I'm Right, So save your energy and Stamina!!

Italy Regions 6-8 Preview Week

Updated 01/24/2011 11:11 AM PST - by Zynga

Rumors are being spread by the Mafia throughout Italy, from Roma to Napoli. They whisper in anticipation of upcoming new Regions. They speculate about new jobs and new loot.

You've waited patiently for three months. During this time, you've seen a new New York property - Private Zoo, the introduction of Operations and Missions, various limited time events, a new Challenge Mission, an updated layout for the Home and Inventory Pages, and the Grand Opening of Trader Goh's Pawn Shop. And now, it's time to complete Italy. This week is officially Italy Regions 6-8 Preview Week.

Each day (afternoon PST), we will reveal various factoids about Italy Regions 6-8. In addition, we will be running a survey all week and a contest that starts Friday and runs throughout the weekend. The winner of the contest will receive 10 free rare loot items from the most popular region chosen in the survey.

Without further ado ...

Monday Factoids

The three Region names are Calabria, Citta del Vaticano, and The Eternal City.

There is one new Property - Nightclub.

The three Bosses are Don Messino, Commandant Ebersold, and Don Rafael Di Rossi.

Tuesday Factoids

6 New Weapons - 4 uncommons, 2 superiors

4 New Armors - 3 uncommons, 1 rare

6 New Vehicles - 2 uncommons, 4 rares

2 New Animals - 2 superiors

Wednesday Factoids

15 Energy jobs (+1 Property Job)

4 Social jobs (can progress with help from your mafia)

8 Fight Jobs (uses stamina)

3 Bosses

Consumables needed - Smart Phones, Hidden Charges, Cooked Books (where to find these consumables? Read here)

Thursday Factoids

Region 6 (Weapon, Ultimate) - Messino's Pistol

Bronze 115/85

Silver 135/96

Gold 155/107

Ruby 175/118

Region 7 (Weapon, Ultimate) -

Bronze 88/129

Silver 99/150

Gold 110/171

Ruby 121/192

Region 8 (Armor, Ultimate) -

Bronze 114/94

Silver 166/104

Gold 188/114

Ruby 210/124

Friday Factoids

Region 8 jobs = 5 energy jobs, 2 social jobs, 2 fight jobs

Demolish Di Rossi’s Villa
Escape From Rome Police
Gain Access To Private Villa
Infiltrate Rafael Di Rossi’s Spy Network
Meet A Traitor
Set A Trap For Di Rossi’s Top Capo
Shoot Up The Don's Country Estate
Smuggle in Explosives
Tip Off The Rome Police

Uncommons - Armatura Motocicletta (A), Armatura Ramarro (A), Spaghetti Western (W)

Rares - Swiss Guard (A), Marco Marino AF (V)

Superiors - (W), (An)

Monday (24th) - Official Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6-8

Sneak Peak At The NightClub!

Can't wait for the Italy Chapters to be released? Well here is a sneak peak at what your NightClub Will look like! Comon Zynga! Its 3pm EST Already! Release Those Chapters!! Don't forget to Start Asking For Those DJs!

You Can Ask For DJ's Now!

Get the Unframe-MW Bookmarklet from Spockholm Mafia Tools

You will be needing DJs for your nightclub which should be available later today when the New Italy chapters are released but if you wanna start collecting them early give it a try!

Go to My Village in Italy and then Unframe-MW. Once it has loaded back up and its showing your village copy the full script below into address bar and hit enter:


Wait for the pop-up to show and publish it to your page!

Note: If you have already asked for an Italy part you will not be able to do it until you can!

It Does Exist!?

It's so funny seeing some of the stuff they come up with in mafia wars, but who would guess that this would actually exist in real life!

Don't Waste Your Reward Points!

There are just some items you shouldn't ever waste your hard earned or sometimes paid for Reward Points on! I see it over and over again, they offer sales on the stupidest items and all the time with the hourly sale items are on boosts and items you can get from completing jobs, or opening free gifts! So pay attentions to what your buying and don't fall victim to a Reward Point Scam..

(here is the best example I can find)
(It Comes FREE in a mystery bag!)

(You can get 2 at a time as free gifts!)
(Get free from jobs)


I will no longer be directly publishing to this site! I have purchased a .com address and have a new site and a blog software to go with it! So check it out and update your bookmarks!

If you follow me through NetworkedBlogs on Facebook or Google's "Feedburner" you don't have to change anything! I have already updated the feeds to publish from the new site!

Links to the new posts will be made here by an auto poster, but that will be the extent of the attention given to this site.

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