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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please Stop Perpetuating These Scams!!

Seriously People! Don't fall into these traps! If you see any of these BS events Don't Pay any attention to them! Don't accept the invite what so ever! Don't Hit Attend! Don't Hit No! Don't Hit Maybe! Don't Do Anything! The whole purpose of these lists is to get people into an event so the creator can spam you with more BS!! 

It doesn't matter to them what you select as long as you click one of the event options! After that point they can send a message to anybody that did! It doesn't matter if you are attending or not! So just ignore them! You aren't going to get anything for free on Facebook or mafia wars!!! They are in this to make money, not lose it!


  1. Yes sadly there are a lot of stupid people in this world.

  2. People who accept this events and invite friends are the same people who click on virus and other weird links , remove them from friendslist and MW .Next time they will send you something with a virus and always telling you that they do absolutely nothing and somebody must have hacked there pc. Well the fact is that they clicked on everything without thinking.
    If you go to the pages of these events , you´ll find a little link in the bottom line to remove the event from your events.



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