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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cuba is Back!

Thats right! They're re-launching Cuba and to kick it off they're throwing in a mission event set to go along with it! So get to it and do some missions and jobs and collect some rewards! 
Mission details will come later..

Little problem with the mission through.. Need to rob in cuba to do it and..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To Smuggle a Mocking Bird Mission Event!

Scavenger Hunt
Get support from your mafia (5x). (Gift Requests)
Ice 6 opponents. (New York)

Birds of a Feather
Job: Bribe Officials To Ignore The Haven (5x). (Smuggler's Haven)
Recruit 3 crew members in Brazil.

The Bird Is The Word
Win 25 fights. (Brazil)
Activate 3 crew members in Brazil.
Job: Help Defend The Haven From Police (5x). (Smuggler's Haven)

Flipping the Bird
Travel to Italy.
Collect from your Villa 1 time.
Job: Find An Old Family Friend (1x). (Palermo)

Ruffled Feathers
Get support from your mafia (3x). (Gift Requests)
Take out 15 Assassins. (Requires 4 each)

Duck And Cover
Travel to Las Vegas.
Job: Move Your Crew Into A Safe House (5x). (North Las Vegas)
Rob 9 times.

This One's For The Birds
Acquire 5 Weapons. (Fight Club, Loyalty Program, City Store)
Fight 25 opponents.
Take out 1 Bird Brained Billionaire. (Requires 100)

Smuggler's Secret
Ice 50 opponents. (Brazil)
Loot 10 Life Savers from fights.
Ruby master the Smuggler's Haven district.

New Boss Fights!

Well they revamped the boss fights system again! And this time they have incorporated the families into it! Which is a vast improvement and definitely improves the whole system!
Bonus Combos you can use!
Just attack him as much as you can, you get ~1.75 return for your stamina and the cost goes up as your fatigue rises, so be careful!
Just randomly check and collect the reward!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Secret Districts Now Open In Brazil!

That's Right! There's some new areas to play in inside Brazil! And you'll need some help to beat em, in the form of some gift-able items called "Life Saver's" and you will be needing A LOT of them, so stock up! And get to work!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ice Season: 05 Is Here!

Well it's time to collect from Ice Season: 04 and move onto Ice Season 05! So get your reward and start fighting once again!
Here's This Weeks Info:

Egyptian Guard Collectors Edition Released!

Get the new attack armor collectors edition item just released! If you can afford it that is :P

Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Mission Time!

Well once again it's time for your family to pull it's weight! Although these do seem to be a bit more geared towards the individual there is a similar goal in mind. 
So make sure your in a good family and one that can get it done for you! But don't slack off now! 
Join up [MAFIAS] Family if you want! We only have 20 spots left! High end icers only please! Send me a message on facebook or check out the family and request to join up yourself! See ya there and let's get it done!
Not only is it easy to collect on them.. Anybody with a decent amount of energy & Stamina can get 3 stars on all of them on a single run, and as for the property, just build a few items and you're fine. So have fun collecting all the bonus loot, mastery items, and boosts!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wild Thing Mission Event!

Well, Bangkok is finally locked out and it's time for the next mission event! Now we're stepping into the wild side with this one with a doozy of a defense animal for the grand prize!

Breaking Into Business 
Get support from your mafia (4x) (Free Gift Requests) 
Loot 15 Big Cages from fights 
Loot 12 Local Informants from jobs 
(Ask an Informant About Local Crime Activity / Create a Diversion In The Jungle) 

A Change In Management 
Ice 4 opponents (Brazil)
Job: Bribe a Police Commandant (15x) (Manaus)
Collect from your Headquarters 2 times (Collects every 8 hours)

Get support from your mafia (5x) (Free Gift Requests)
Win 16 fights
Loot 12 Bird Cages from fights
Buy 2 items from your Black Market. (Purchase Every18 hours) 

Rob 18 times 
Loot 12 Aquariums from robbing 
Loot 10 Feeding Troughs from job (Burn Down a Slum Building) 

Ask for 5 Metal Containers from mafia
Take out 12 Rival Smuggler (Requires 8 Stamina Each) 
Job: Burn Down a Jungle Hideout (20x) (Belem) 
Build 2 Weapons 

Hostile Merger 
Acquire 20 Motion Sensor Explosives (Robbing Brazil / Job: Intimidate the Local Crime Ring) 
Fight 30 opponents
Loot 12 Terrariums from fights 

No One's Pet 
Take out 12 Fat Cat Bodyguards (Requires 11 Stamina Each) 
Job: Escape a Police Pursuit (12x) (Sao Paolo: Heliopolis) 

Supply And Demand 
Activate 5 Crew Members in Brazil
Rob 12 Private Zoos
Loot 10 Exotic Animal Feeds from robbing

Space Crates Now Available!

Well they have released another new crate this week! The space crate! With some pretty impressive loot found inside, even the common loot rivals some of the rare loot from crates in the past! So save up some RP and get some sweet rewards, and try and catch them on the hourly sale for a deal!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mafia Wars Is Auditing War Looters!

That's right! If you enjoy massively doing wars to get a large payday, you better watch out! Zynga is onto us.. I mean you! =P So they will now start removing excessive loot to "even the playing field" This is their claim anyway.. I'd say if you want to level the playing field how about you give everybody access to the diamond level loyalty rewards, I don't have 10 grand to puff up your arse so how is it a level playing field because certain people do? But anyway back to the main topic of choice.. 
Don't waste your time anymore trying to get excessive war loot, they have fixed the system glitch allowing it for most players and even if you are lucky enough to still get more than you are supposed to it will just trigger an audit that will lead to you actually losing more than you should. So just participate in your 5-10 wars a day and get your loot the normal way.. kill your scrubbers and feed centers, they won't help you anymore!

Mafia Wars Crate Design Contest!

That's Right! Zynga wants you to design a crate! And the winner with be credited in the game and receive the crate of their making full of loot! As well as various mafia wars swag! So go get creative!

Here's the posting from the mafia wars blog with all the details!

Hey Mafiosos!
Here’s a chance to leave your permanent mark on Mafia Wars – by designing something to be made available in the game! Think outside of the box to come up with an exciting crate theme and 1 piece of loot that fits within it for a chance to win some awesome Mafia Wars prizes! The loot can be a weapon with which to attack your rivals, armor for protection from your enemies, a vehicle in which to patrol the mean streets, or a powerful animal to add to your dangerous menagerie. We’ll pick the best submissions, forward them to our art department, and get them added to Mafia Wars ASAP, at which point we’ll credit the designer one (1) of the item (crate or loot) they designed! But that’s not all! While the winning designs are being turned into in-game items, we’ll also send the designers a crate* full of Mafia Wars swag for designing such an awesome crate (or piece of loot)!
*The crate will actually be a cardboard box, as that is a more environmentally friendly way to ship.
Check out the Mafia Wars "Think Outside Of The Box" Crate Design Contest Official Rules & Guidelines, discuss the contest with other Mafia Wars players in this forum thread, then go play some Mafia Wars to get inspired before sending your best design for a crate + 1 piece of loot it would contain tocoolcontests@mafiawars.com. Feel free to use this crate as a blank template (click it to open an even larger version in a new window):
Blank Crate
Good luck!
The Mafia Wars Team

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ice Season: 04 Is Here!

Down goes another ice season and it's time to collect our prize and move onto the next!
 This week we have a defensive weapon, so get to icing and it will be yours!

Solar Glider Collectors Item Released!

The first of the new Collectors items for august has been released! The Solar Glider! A defense vehicle with 70 attack and 131 defense stats. So buy it if you can, there's only about 2,000 left!

MW Addon Temporary Fix!

Well there has been a slight change to the code for mafia wars and the addon has disappeared! Oh No! So until the scripts author does an update it won't work! But until that time you can use an altered version of the script I have compiled for use!

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Group Format for Finish My Mafia Wars Operations!

Well for several months now the groups have been getting converted to the new system and today I finally had the option to upgrade the group to the new format! So no worries, everybody is still in the group and no one has to be re-added! Still the same address and everything! Happy Gaming Everybody!

New Collectors Item Coming In August!

As seen on the Mafia Wars Blog there will be a new collector's edition item released every Tuesday and Friday through the month of August! So find the ones you want and save up your RP for an item or two!


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