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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WARNING!! RewardVille Event Scam!!

Facebook is full of scams and here's just another one floating around. This one is targeting new users for Rewardville! Don't fall for it! Your rewardville account COMES preloaded with 160 zCoins, you don't need to do ANYTHING to get that! This is just another way for spammers to get access to your information and send you more BS! 

Do not hit anything on the event just ignore it completely or click the X in your requests manager to remove it. But for the love of god don't click Yes / No / Maybe, that's all they want from you, once you do that, you're stuck!!

And it gets worse! If you click any of the links on the event and follow the steps on the next page your account will be taken over! Do Not Under any circumstances click anything, this is not from

If you go to those pages, Report It!!
LOL.. Non-Profit Organization.. Now You Should Know It's A Scam! Zynga Is Definately FOR PROFIT!!


  1. Thank you for the good info Devlin!

  2. Thanks I am going to share, As long as everyone reads this fully, I do have rewardville, but I started it from my MWs page

  3. Anyone who falls for these type of scams are idiot... Zynga sells items and RP for CASH MONEY... People always spamming around FREE 100 CAFE CASH or RP or GET 1000 zCOINS or etc etc and actually falling for it is sad... but people in general are stupid so it does not suprise me.

    This one looks better than most as 100 zCoins is not alot but it looks VERY fake at first glance. As mentioned Zynga uses zyn.ga not bit.ly and if you look this was created by a user, not Zynga, also if you just read it and the text format and improper grammar and spelling errors and lack of capitalization and spaces in some places.

    Anything too good to be true is, yet people don't understand that... why would people give away a BUNCH OF RP OR CAFE CASH OR ETC when they sell these for money? LOL



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