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Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Use MW Addon's Plug-In Manager!

If you are familiar with MW Addon you know how useful it can be managing your day to day routine of repetitive tasks in Mafia Wars! If not: Read This Post About MW Addon and it's various features! Well if there is a feature that happens to be available through a bookmark-let that you happen to like, but isn't included in MW Addon then this feature is just what you are looking for!

Here are the steps to install a bookmark-let into MW Addon:
note: if you already have the bookmark-let "installed" in your browser just right click and copy the bookmark-let and skip to the 4th step where you can start adding the bookmark-let to the plug-in manager window.

  • Go to the bookmark-let site of your choosing such as Spockholm or choose from my list of bookmark-lets I have on my blog (located in the links section at the top of the page) and find a bookmark-let that you are interested in installing (For the purpose of the example I will be showing you how to install Assassin-A-Nator)

  •  After it opens the panel at the bottom of the screen it will take you to the area of code that you have chosen to inspect, right click the link relevant to the bookmark-let and click edit attribute. Generally the object will be highlighted blue as is shown below.

  • Once the link only is showing up highlighted as pictured below you can hit CTRL-C to copy it to your clipboard. If for some reason it doesn't automatically select the text after hitting edit attributes you can select it by holding down you left click button and drag across the desired text like you normally would to highlight any other kind of text on a web page.

  • Now it's time to open up the Plug-In Manager Settings Window. Just open your MW Addon window by moving your mouse of the Green Arrow and Click the Plug-In Manager from the menu.

  • Once the Settings window has loaded you can click Add New plugin and Enter a name for the bookmark-let and paste the code you have copied into the window below. Then click save and if that is the only bookmark-let you want you can click the small X in the upper-right hand corner to exit. Otherwise just repeat the previous steps to add more Plug-Ins.

  • Now you can load the MW Addon Menu and when you go to Plug-Ins you will see the list of Bookmark-lets you have added and can click whichever one you want to run without having to be Unframed!

  •  As you can see I am running Assassin-a-Nator in the normal "Framed" version of Mafia Wars inside facebook. 


  1. tried to add switch but didn't work.

  2. I added the new update....ver...3.6...and the sidebar has disappeared??...i cant access anything..help


  4. Switch and Unframe will not work with plugin manager. However, they are the only ones I have found not to work.

    A quicker way to go about getting bookmarklet into plugin tho is to add the bookmarklet as you normally would to your bookmarks, then right click on bookmark and choose copy, or copy link address/location. Then just follow the method above to add it as a plugin.

  5. same here. installed new version 3.6 and have no sidebar.
    Also, the plugins must save as cookies, because they disappear after I close my browser and re-open it. I clear my cookies when I close my browser so the plugins must save as cookies. Is there a way to save these so they are not removed?

  6. There's new update

  7. Yeah, like I said in the guide before step one, if you have the bookmark-let already just copy it, that is definitely easier but some people can't contemplate doing that, or the steps to add one just to copy it.

  8. And you can use Switch as a plugin, I use it all the time myself. Just look at this photo to see how..

  9. Quick question mate, I run several profiles so is there a way I can put all my plug-ins into one and then somehow export just them to my other profiles? Will take a bit of time to do 11 of them ;-)

  10. all you gotta do is click the FBMWAddon Options in the main menu and hit the export all settings button, and then go around and import them. Simple as that.

  11. Cheers mate, will do a clean install of it, do my plug-ins and then export, the other settings are different amongst all my accounts as some are fighters some are specific looters and some are just sheer energy. Awesome script mate and you can't give enough accolades for it. I have pimped your script out to my MW Clan and now all are using it also :-)

  12. is there a way to delete people that no longer play but have not deleted their mafia wars accounts, to how do you figure out who isn't playing anymore?

  13. awesome guide. big help. thank you



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