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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WARNING!! This Is Such A Bad Trading Group! Just Stay Away!!!

First off let me start by saying there are a large number of groups out there for you to go with, and they all seem to share the same rules, usually a ridiculously large amount of them. I didn't start off wanting to create a group but after the very negative experience I encountered at one of the "top" trade groups I could see a niche that needs to be filled.

Let me talk a little bit about my experience so you can see why I decided to open up my own group. Now I have heard many positive and negative comments about Elite Traders Club and thought if I am going to join one that should be it, it has a vast amount of members so I figured I would get some trades and quick. Well.. Quick was definitely the wrong idea.. First my experience started off by having to read the rules and that's no easy task. you might as well ask the new users to memorize Moby Dick! And then I had to add all of the admins, once again, not an easy task (there are like 20 of them!) Then wait for 2 of them to add me before I can post (That was according to the novel I read.. I mean the rules) And even though there were so many admins it still took about 45 minutes to get that accomplished.

So onto my post, I thought I read in the rules that if your post is more than 5 lines to create a trade in your notes and link to it. Boy was I wrong! Because not even 2 minutes later I was banned from the group!! And by an admin who didn't even add my Friend Request no less!! So I come to find out that you can't post any links to the wall of their group (Due to some incorrect info on their creators part who feels all links are posted by hackers and will cause you to lose your account or something??) But the rule I thought I read as post a link to your note was actually telling me to post a link to a note ON MY PAGE and just tell people to go there.. So let me get this straight: We have to make a note visable to everyone with our trade in it, make a post on our own wall thats visible to everyone that has a link to our note, and then make a post on the group wall saying go to my wall to find the link to go to my note to look at my trade? Talk about redundant!!! (And outright ridiculous!!)

So after I find out what I was banned for (without any notice or contact I might add) I have to contact the admin who banned me and see what can be done. Well that's were my story gets worse. After two hours of non-communication I finally get a response with just the rule I violated pasted into reply.. Wow.. I can see where this is going. Even though I already explained everything in my message to him, that was all i got. So I repeated my original message with some new info and he just copy and pasted the rule I thought I knew, but didn't do right.. My bad!! And it just got worse and worse from there on out. To him saying he won't lift my ban for 24hours if at all, so if this is how they treat someone who is trying to write a review for them, I wonder how bad the average person gets it!!?? It can't be good.

So after all that rigmarole I decided something had to be done!! So I launched a new group, one where you can come and trade without the fear of overbearing tyrants reining down upon you with their nonsensical vengeance! Thus: The Mafia Wars Elite Traders Club Was born!! With a short list of rules that are easy to follow and no BS, just a simple trading site for you to get items and grow your mafia!! 

Come and join up, and then spread the word!!

1 comment:

  1. A shame about the poor experience, but I'm hoping that your efforts result in a functional trading group. I've seen some disastrous efforts, some over-complicated set-ups, and an assortment of user-non-friendly groups. I'll check this jobbie out over the next few days.





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