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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Chicago Districts Released!

Make sure you stock up on the new consumables before you start mastering.. you will be needing a total of 148 confidential records just to do the jobs alone.. As well as in the fifth district there is the Beer Barrel consumable, a total of 204 will be required just for those jobs. Same goes for the Mediator consumable in the sixth district, you will need a total of 240 of them just for the jobs! So make sure you use your city boosts wisely and stock up before you start mastering! 
speaking of mastering.. here are the rewards for the new levels.. nice stats and the boosts are somewhat helpful..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Money On The Water Mission Event!

To go along with the zombie event there's also a mission event in the same fashion.. and even the same pictures.. But at any rate this will take some time to get through.. So be prepared and use your city crew wisely, take advantage of them as they can make things much easier for you!

Camptown Races
Get 4 Crew Members.
Buy 1 item from your Warehouse.

Collect from your Truck Shop 1 time.
Ice 12 opponents.
Job: Dodge the Guards (30x). (Sam's Truck Shop)

Forward Biased
Ask for 5 Manila Envelopes from mafia.
Loot 20 Sonny's Suits. (Job: Case Warehouses on the North Side)
Take out 1 Wharf Patrol. (Requires 15 Stamina)

An Offer He Can't Refuse
Get support from your mafia (5x). (Free Gift Requests)
Clear 5 Robbing boards.
Fight 40 opponents in Chicago.

Or Maybe He Can
Collect 20 Locksmiths. (Jobs in Sam's Truck Shop)
Collect 20 Robber's Utility Belts. (Fighting in Chicago)
Collect 20 Bisects. (Robbing in Chicago)

Hit Hard To Knock Hard
Loot 15 Freighters from Robbing.
Make 2 items from your Speakeasy.
Job: Stuff Local Cop's Pockets With Greens (16x). (The Old Warehouse)

The Last Stand
Rob 20 times. (Chicago)
Win 20 fights. (Chicago)
Declare a War 3 times.

My Way Or The Highway
Activate 5 Crew Members in Chicago.
Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times. (Collects every 8 hours)

Zombie Infestation Fight Event!

Lookout! There's a zombie infestation and you have been infected! So kill all humans!! Well not all the time anyway, there are two modes to this event.. Human and Zombie and of course, two different prizes as well as various levels of each prize so it really does take some participation to get to your goal! 

If you are a zombie your home screen banner will look like this..
 and you should get this kind of popup when you go to fight.. or "Kill Humans" as it says :P
 Once you get to 80 points you might as well stop, you're just wasting stamina after that..
It will also warn you when the round will end soon...

If you are on the Human side your home banner will look like this:
and you will get a popup like this when you fight.. and as you can see you can buy an antidote to cure zombification.. but it doesn't last so I don't reccommend it!
So get out there and just attack the opposite of what you are, it will net you the most points.. and get some sweet loot! There's a whopping 10 days to participate in the event, so from now until Nov 5th you should be able to get a hold of several prizes!

Here's the Q&A from zynga's website about the event:

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! Put your fighting skill to the test in a battle for humanity.
Fight as either a Survivor fending off the Zombies or as a Zombie trying to turn Survivors into Zombies. The Zombie Apocalypse Fight Event starts on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011.
Your alliance is assigned at the beginning of each season; each season ends when the Zombie contamination has overwhelmed the game. Your alliance is identified by an icon next to your name and your screen border theme.
Earn Mastery tier items by icing other players - Survivors and Zombies, though scores are greater for icing those on the opposing side. There are many opportunities, depending on your score, to collect loot drop and mastery items for both sides, which are granted at the end of each season. Collect the final item in each Mastery tier to claim the reward and move on to the next; there are four tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby. Master both sides in order to become a stronger fighter. 

Q:  How is it determined whether I will be a Zombie or a Survivor?

A:  Which faction you fight for is determined randomly at the beginning of each season.  You will fight the entire season as the faction that you were assigned at the beginning.  (Important to note, however, is that you can use the antidote to become Survivor again, or get infected to become a Zombie.)

Q:  How long will each season last? 
A:  Each Zombie Apocalypse wave, or 'season', can last from several minutes to a few hours.

Q:  How many seasons are there? 
A:  There are not a pre-determined number of seasons. Each season will end when the Zombies overwhelm the game.

Q:  How do I earn the most points? 
A:  You will earn more points by icing those on your opposing side.

Q:  How many mastery levels are there?   
A:  For this event there are four levels:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby

Q:  What are the number of points that I will need to earn for each mastery level? 
A:  Each player will begin the season with 0 points.  The chart below shows how many points that you will need to for each level.  Remember, the seasons vary in length so you should ice your opponents as quickly as possible!
User-added image
Q:  Can I earn mastery for both Zombie and Survivor? 
A:  You can earn mastery items as either a Zombie or a Survivor for each season, but only one mastery item per season will be awarded.

Q:  What if I don't want to be a Zombie? 
A:  There is will be an antidote available for 7 Reward points that will cure Zombification as well as any new outbreaks for 2 minutes.

User-added image

Deals of the Dead!

 As usual with the sales you can get a deal on the purchase of some RP's.. So if your interested in spending some green now might be the time to do it!
 So get some cheap RP's, buy some discounted merch. and get a sweet bonus!
make sure your counter is showing up and working before going nuts with the purchased :P
There's also some sweet new limited edition loot in the marketplace that went up with this deal! So don't miss out!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Mafia Wars A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Promo!

That's right.. another movie tie in with mafia wars.. anyway at least it's not like the X-Men collection event.. You just get the option to check out the trailer/website and collect some fight boosts in the form of harold and kumar..  kumar gets you a +175 attack boost and harold gets you a +175 defense boost! so it's worth your time..
so get your posts out and get those boosts..
and check out the site if your interested..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New War Rewards!

Levels 6, 7, & 8 of the war rewards have been released! So get cracking and win some wars, get some rewards, and unlock those achievements and new grade A loot!

Collector's Edition: Bulletless Released!

 A bayonet on a hand gun.. priceless! But at any rate we have a pretty nice defense weapon with no special bonus so it's the standard 35RP. Get it if it's to your liking! It sure is a funny one!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just 2 Days Left On Secret District Leticia Columbia!

You Better Hurry Up! Just Under 2 Days Before It Disappears Forever!!!

Bookmark Pinning!

So you wanna know what it is? Just watch the video..

Mafia Wars 2 Helping Hand Glitch!

As I was working my way through one of the missions/achievements in mafia wars 2 I noticed that if done properly you can help more than the 5 times you have energy for. It made doing this achievement just a bit easier :)
Anyway all you have to do is queue up your actions as quickly as possible, anything you have selected to perform before he finishes his first task will be performed. And as you can see it counts!
 I seem to average getting an additional 1 or 2 tasks in, but it helps in the long run! and helps your firend too!

New Fight Loot!

You should be noticing some new loot popping up from your fights! Well that't because there's a whole new set of loot to get in addition to everything that has been there! 
check the fight loot for yourself, the images load up randomly so yours won't be identical, but it will show you the loot available, and it does change what drops from city to city as well.. so don't just fight in the same place all the time :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lookout for zombies!

I'm assuming it will just be some NPC tournament or something.. or some loot event of one kind or another.. but I can't wait to see Halloween take over zynga again!

Superstition Crates Released!

There's some new crates available in the marketplace! As usual if you can be patient you can get them at a discount when they hit the eventual hourly sale! So here's the loot you can get...
 The best of whch being these two rare items:

Collector's Edition: Gunsmith Released!

This time we have a henchmen item for sale! and it has a bonus attack boost! So it's definitely worth a buy if you have it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mafia Wars Operations Is Still Here!

Due to "suspicious" account activity and numerous failed login attempts google locked all of my blogs and email accounts until I verified my identity and changed my password. 
So.. SCREW YOU HACKER JACKASS! Now I have an even harder password to crack and new security phrases.. :P 

Anyway, if you had gotten an error while trying to get to this blog, that was why! but everything is good and AS YOU CAN SEE the blog HAS NOT BEEN REMOVED as was being stated! 
Help spread the word and happy gaming!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mafia Wars 2 Promo!

All you need to do is activate the promo by clicking here (http://bit.ly/MW-MW2Promo) and play mafia wars 2 until you get to level 5! And you will be rewarded! With A Stripper!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mafia Wars 2 Has Some Issues!

Well I can't say I'm surprised! Zynga isn't well known for it's lack of bugs in it's programming.. but when they can barely manage a successful update to an already established game, we can only imagine the horror to come while the glitched get figured out.. we are the beta testers! so get to it! 
If you can put up with the crashes and bug reports that is.. Oh, and I'm not talking just browser crashes, we're talking system rebooters! Memory halters! So beware! And let them know how they're doing :P
If you click the support button and you will get to this page in the game, choose customer support and you will be directed to zynga's support page.. Community will take you to the Mafia Wars 2 Forums where you can post and talk with other users and zynga employees.. Game Info will be a new wiki, but probably not user controlled (which they are still setting up).. and the facebook button will take you to the mafia wars 2 fan page on facebook..


I will no longer be directly publishing to this site! I have purchased a .com address and have a new site and a blog software to go with it! So check it out and update your bookmarks!

If you follow me through NetworkedBlogs on Facebook or Google's "Feedburner" you don't have to change anything! I have already updated the feeds to publish from the new site!

Links to the new posts will be made here by an auto poster, but that will be the extent of the attention given to this site.

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