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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farmers Insurance Loot Event!

Well this is a bit too promotional but anyway.. It's still a collection event with some really good rewards. Just ignore the blatant advertising =P Just like with the X-Men Tie-In and the Ruby Loot Event you get rewarded at random for doing jobs and when you collect all of the items you are rewarded with a special grand prize item! So get to it and get some loot!
The Boosts To Help You Out!
The Banners And Status Of Your Loot!
The Loot Itself and Their Stats!
The Grand Prize Mastery Item!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wolverine Collector's Edition Item Available!

Well.. Another Friday another new collector's edition item! This time it's an attack animal with some pretty nice stats! 
So if you have the Reward Points get the loot! It's worth it!

New Lucky Stash Loot!

Check out the new rewards showing up in the lucky stash bonus spin! There's some really nice stuff to get! So get spinning! And make sure to use your free bonus spins everyday! Check this post to find out how!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grant Batch Cookie Issue & The Fix!

Well there have been numerous cookie issues lately when trying to access mafia wars. The worst of which is a cookie called Grant_Batch_43 and this usually occurs when you're doing a lot of fighting.. You will be chugging along with no problem, taking down person after person, and then all of a sudden: you notice you can't get any fight results! So you reload the game and now you can see why.. Bad Request.. Cookie: Grant_Batch_43. Well I will tell you how to take care of this issue and any one like it.

(Here is the error itself)
  • Go get an extension that can automatically block cookies. For Google Chrome I recommend Edit This Cookie. It is free and works great!

  • Setup the extension to block the cookie before it can do its damage! You can do this by flagging the cookie and manually entering the information below to manually block it.

  • If you ever have any other cookie issues like this you can flag the cookie itself by clicking the extension icon in your browser when the error occurs. You can use this extension to block any re-occurring cookie that you have an issue with. 
Note: Unframing MW Can help you identify the proper cookies associated with Mafia Wars.
  • Go back to playing mafia wars and be worry free! 

It's Betrayal In Bangkok!

Well its been a while since they said they were going to close Bangkok and it looks like that time is finally here! It's Betrayal In Bangkok this time! (I made a joke about the names in another posting and apparently they went with it) And you better complete it before time runs out! The city will be locked this time! So do the missions and get your sweet rewards! They're actually pretty good this time around!

Here's the info on the missions:

Urgent: Send Help
Get 6 crew members in Brazil (Free Gift Requests)
Build 2 Armors at your Armory (NYC)

Welcome Wagon
Get Support From Your Mafia. (5x - Free Gift Requests)
Take Out 30 Neo-Imperium Goons (Requires 4 Stamina).

It Was A Trap
Acquire 8 Forger's Gloves
Fight 30 Opponents (Any City)

The Shadow King's Fate
Declare A War 2 Times
Ice 5 Opponents (Any City)
Collect From Your Fighting Fish Arena 2 Times (Italy)

Death to the Disgraced
Acquire 15 Forger's Gloves
Loot 20 Inside Tips From Fights
Take Out 10 Neo-Imperium Bodyguards

Bye Bye Bangkok
Take Out Toshiki
Get 6 Crew members in Brazil (Free Gift Requests)
Rob 15 Times (Any City)
Collect From Your Ammo Trading Camp 2 Times (Brazil)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ice Season: 03 Is Here!

Well ice season 2 has now come to an end and you can collect your prizes! And it's time to begin Ice Season: 03! 
This time with a very powerful attack armor as the grand prize! The "Aviatrix Hawk Helm" with an attack of 153 and a defense of 113 if you mastery it on diamond! So get to it and get those ices!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vengeance Pack Is Finally Here!

Well it has been talked about since the release of the new fight system and is now finally showing up for us to use! If you really wanna get revenge on someone but they are just too strong, and you have some RP to blow, this is just the thing for you! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Lucky Stash Spins Shortcut!

Well with the new server updates the old  3x free spins shortcut no longer works! So here's an updated URL to get your free spins! You can use http://bit.ly/3xFreeSlotSpins or http://bit.ly/FreeLuckyStashSpins , take your pick! Or you can always just drag 3x Free Slot Spins to your bookmarks bar and use that! Have fun and happy gaming! 

~ OR ~

As always if you don't like using a link and prefer to get the 3 Free spins yourself you can always follow this quick and easy method to get it done!

New: Summer Crates Now Available!

There's finally some new crates on the market! And it's summer time (for a while now) in mafia wars and you can power up your mafia with some beach themed items! The best of which are the "Beach Guard" and the "Beach Shark" with both have impressive stats in both attack and defense for once! Not just one or the other!
They were just on sale for the first hour they were available, so it will be a little bit of time before you see that again, but it's usually once a day!
 The two best rewards! But the other's aren't bad either! Actually rivaling some of the rare items from previous crates!

Time For The Rob Squad!

This is a great new robbing tool that is now available and it allows you to rob your entire board with one click! and usually with great success! Now for some reason they aren't showing up for you to accept in the Zynga Message Center so they might just be automatically accepted like the burners but they are showing up in the facebook requests manager, so make sure you collect them!
It costs you the total for the board you are on, no discounts, but at least they're not charging extra for the convenience!

Triple Mastery On Italy And Special Loot!!

Well with the ruby loot event winding down there's now an offer to get 3x mastery in Italy for those who haven't already finished it! And a special loot reward that drops at random! The loot isn't super powerful or anything near what the ruby loot was, but chances are if you haven't finished Italy it will be useful to you! So get to it and finish Italy with some ease! This event ends on Tuesday, 7/26!

New Unframed MW Shortcut!

For all of you who love to use the shortcut to load strait into an unframed version of mafia wars.. You might have noticed that they just stopped working due to the server change. Well your in luck! I made a new link just for you! (http://bit.ly/MWunframed) or (http://bit.ly/MafiaWarsUnframed) take your pick. You can also just drag Mafia Wars (Unframed) to your bookmarks and use that if you want! Have fun and game on!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Featured Marketplace Items!

According to Zynga there's some new prices! More like some new price points and quantities.. Well at least there's some new loot for you to buy in the marketplace anyway! And as usual they just keep getting more and more powerful, so now is the time to buy em! Just remember that they pop into an hourly sale from time to time so if you wanna stalk the marketplace, keep your eyes peeled and get a deal!

Ummm... Yeah..

A Little Gun-Ho With The Newest Items: 

Last Weeks Animalish Items:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MW Addon Tiny Url Update!

Get Newest Version Here
Now when you go to shorten a link you don't have to deal with a new window! It does it all in the gift request popup itself! Just copy the link and post it where you want! This works for all places you normally see the "Get Tiny URL" button. Mission crew, Free Gifts, Secret Stashes, Etc! 
And it has the text in front so it's even easier to post!

Mafia Wars Chat Features Update!

Well if you have the chat you may have noticed they have done a bit of an overhaul on the features! And it's a nice improvement, now it keeps track of the rewards and activities of your mafia and can post the bonuses for those who are logged in and active on the chat! This is a good step forward from relying on facebook's feed for the good stuff :)
But just don't cuss.. It won't let you! LOL.. But the pop-out feature is now working properly!
And as always if you click Family it will show you exactly who is online in the chat right now, and it appears that since you can see your family that we will have the option (At least in the future) to chat with other families or groups as well! (Here's hoping)
 And you can now chat directly to a person by clicking their name and then chat (This feature was there before but didn't work half the time), or you can block a person all together, or just block their updates if you feel they are annoying you. And of course you can undo the blocks just the same way.


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