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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where Are The Workshops!?

Well if you were lucky enough to get past the 1st mission glitch, and now get stuck on another one (like quite a few people have) then maybe you have gotten as far as I have.. Only you are now stuck on a mission called Enemy Of My Enemy.

This mission requires you to rob a workshop 6 times. Well that doesn't seem too difficult, right!? Well I spent 2,000+ points of stamina requesting new targets.. And guess what!? Not ONE workshop ever showed up!!!

Just page after page of this..

I was lucky if it even had anything besides headquarters!

This is just ridiculous! I sent an email to zynga about this, they really need to work out these things before releasing them! The players shouldn't be this inconvenienced because of their carelessness! Not to mention I spent 2,000+ stamina for nothing!!


  1. I agree. I also think that anything spent in Brazil stamina or energy is considered a waste of it.

  2. that's just some bs

  3. Ive seen 2 workshops entirly while in Brazil. I think if even that.

  4. the problem is not enough players have their workshops built yet and therefore you aren't going to randomly find very many while robbing.

  5. well thankfully they changed the mission.. and whats wrong with players.. i had all the properties on the first day of beta :P



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