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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Warnings, Warnings, and More Automated Warnings!

Well now that the Zynga support system has been switched over and it appears is finally up and running, their automated suspension system is up and working too.. and possibly on overload.

I finally got responses from a few of my complaints that were sent during the switch and over the past few weeks have been ignored. But they sent me an email apologizing for any delay in handling these matters and so on. Gave me some free Brazil items.. And tried as best they could to rectify the problems. But of course more contact will be required.

Anyway, even I have gotten one of these warning messages! And so has my wife! And she doesn't use any bookmarklets or tools of any kind. But it has still allowed me to continue to play without interruption! So it is just a warning of some kind.

So people need to stop blaming them for everything. It just shows that their detection system is set to spot "unusual" activity and that can be just anything out of the norm. I.E. Clicking jobs repeatedly too fast, Sending out thousands of items, appearing to be doing two things at once, etc.

Now if you get one of those warnings messages you do have something to worry about, this type of warning usually means you have ignored the previous warnings about unusual account activity or you were hacked, either way just contact support and get it taken care of. They will investigate it and generally it is just a fault and your game privileges can be restored!

And as always there are some steps to take to make sure that you don't have their tracking software installed that provides them extended information that isn't necessary. (Go here for instructions on how to remove it) and when using bookmarklets/tools always be sure to set a delay on your tasks, yo dont want to overload the server or have your account act in suspicious ways.

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