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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MW Addon 0.3.3 Update!

New Mafia Wars Addon Update Available! See details below..

Set up auto-bank individually at each city..

If your vault is full you will get this message..

New Select All/None Options On Gifts Page..

Mar 17, 2011 09:35
Added Autodeposit ON/OFF button for every city.

Collect All Cities
Added full compatibility with Brazil.

Added full compatibility with Brazil.

Mar 16, 2011 19:01
Added Global Autodeposit option which work every time you do a Job, Rob, or just load/update any MW page. You can configure it in global options.
Added a working link to Chrome Plug-In.
Updated to work with new Zynga changes.
Updated Jobs rate due new Zynga changes.

Opera Compatibility
- New Facebook javascript SDK don't work property with Opera and almost options will don't work (Publish included).
- Opera don't let userscripts to do cross-domain requests and there is not a "plug-in" to call, so Free Gifts Center don't work.
- You can Publish by checking "Use facebook ui" in configuration but it will open a new tab and you need to let it show up, name will be "unknow" because MWAddon can't get FB session data in Opera.

Free Gifts Center
Added option to disable skip same user id with Collector.
- Be careful, uncheck it will get a lot of errors because Collector will not check user id and try to collect all links amout you've specified for each type.

Gifts Page
Added options to Check/Uncheck all gifts.
Added option to "Select All" when show short links.
Added possibility to write a text message before post Selected / Checked gifts.

Collect All Cities
Updated with Brazil (no tested yet).

Updated with Brazil (no tested yet).

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