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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is Hard to Find Event Update!

Well over the past few days there have been some issue getting your broken hearts.. Well that issue has been fixed. But to ensure you get all of you broken hearts and get all of your bonus hearts you are allowed, when you are accepting the 20 free gifts hearts you can accept a day you need to accept 2-3 broken hearts and then close the gift window, and go through the popups it has created and then repeat. Anymore than that and you will start losing out on bonuses because you were ignoring the popups. It may be time consuming but it is the only way to ensure you will receive all of you bonuses you are entitled to. If you accept all at once you "should" still get the 20 you are accepting, but you will lose out on the extra ones that it gives you because you didn't accept the popups as they show! So don't miss out and collect all you can! And Happy Valentines Day!

You don't wanna miss out on this do ya?

Or This!?

Time to Collect!


  1. Thanks for the info... I actually messaged Zynga on Saturday with complaints I wasn't getting the maximum number of hearts. I'm not sure if this is so, but I've noticed 2 different hearts in addition to the 5x gold heart.
    One of the hearts is completely red, the other is red and gold.

  2. I complained earlier today (GMT) using live chat support and was assured this issue was as yet unheard of? still 20 free RP's so musn't grumble eh

  3. the live chat hasnt shown up for me in days and i'm missing 20 from collecting on saturday.. so i emailed em.. they are never aware of issues.. a group of people need to express it b4 they take it seriously..



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