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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Use JGrabAllGifts!

There is a Bookmarklet available from Miller Marklets that allows you collect all of the gift requests from Facebook's Requests Page. It is called JGrabAllGifts and can be found here. It is very simple to use and is a great tool to get so you don't have to deal with going back and forth on the requests page, which can be a major hassle. Just make sure you have collected all of you requests in game first so you don't miss out on any of them!

You can run the bookmarklet anywhere and it will take you to the correct page.

You will get this message when you run the bookmarklet on the requests page.

Make sure you set it to 1 on your first use so you can allow popups. Otherwise you will lose all of you gifts that you set it to request! (Popup Settings for Chrome & Firefox)

If you still don't get a popup, just add these into the exceptions and you'll be fine..

Then click scan for apps I use and it will find all of the apps that you have requests for on the current page of requests. 

It will give you a confirmation of how many are found.

Then click Grab all apps and it will replace the list with the apps found. 

Next you need to set your options. 

Make sure to skip all gifts that have limited accept quantities and things that give a bonus like the Crime Sprees! Then change number of gifts to grab to 100 (or whatever you want to accept at the time, it will stop on its own if it runs out of gifts before the number entered) and don't set the seconds between too low but it can be less than 8 (I use 4 seconds with 5 popups).

When you set the seconds below 7 (Which is his recommendation) you will get this confirmation that you need to hit CANCEL on to keep your settings. Hitting OK will revert the setting to 7 seconds.


  1. only sad part about that bookmark is u cant gift back it just receives

  2. You can gift back. set the max wgifts to grab to 5. fix your popup options in firefox or chrome to allow popups. check the jgrab option to bypass popup check. uncheck Alternate pop-up code (Tabs in Firefox... then when all 5 are open gift back. then restart it.

  3. that completely defeats the purpose of using this to begin with.. just send back all the gifts you want in game first..



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