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Friday, February 25, 2011

There's a Crisis In Cuba!!

Well like usual ZYNGA is piling it all on us at once! No rest for the weary as they say! Well now its a crisis in cuba we're dealing with! At least now there are some missions to do until they fix the glitch that is going on with the City Missions not saying completed if you already beat the bosses. Guess they didn't think people could beat them b4 they released them, of course they thought wrong! 

Obviously it's a play on the Tragedy and Civil Unrest that is going on in Libya and the middle east right now, not sure if thats appropriate or not.. But regardless of being politically correct onto the missions at hand..

Here's the 411 on the missions..
Civil Unrest
Given by Senor Carazco.
Declare A War 1 time.
Job: Execute A Regional Arms Dealer (14x)
Take Out 10 Instigators. (Requires 8 .)
Puppet Masters
Given by Senor Carazco. Unlocks after completing Civil Unnrest.
Rob 15 Tobacco Plantations In Cuba.
Collect From Your Bodega 2 Times. You can collect from Bodega every 8 hours.
Job: Bring The Local Teamsters Under Control (14x)

General Information
Given by General Vargas. Unlocks after completing Puppet Masters.
Ice 15 Opponents In Cuba.
Build 2 Vehicles.

Trace The Broadcast
Given by Senor Carazco. Unlocks after completing General Information.
Upgrade Your Factory 15 Times.
Get Support From Your Mafia (x10). (Acts as Free Gifts
Job: Establish A Loansharking Business (x20)

The Best Defense
Given by Don Ramirez. Unlocks after completing Trace The Broadcast.
Ask For 6 Manila Envelopes.
Ice 6 Opponents In Cuba.
Rob 20 Times In Cuba. 

A Little To Late
Given by Senor Carazco. Unlocks after completing The Best Defense.
Get Support From Your Mafia (x10). Acts as Free GiftsJob: 
Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation (x20).
Win 1 War.

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