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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Man Talking Event!

Well it's time for another event, so along with bringing the missions back.. They started a Mission Event to help keep us busy. Cause if you're like me you have already finished the new italy chapters and are keeping busy with operations and it's nice to have some variety! So thank you for some new missions to accomplish. Even though it will probably be short lived and we'll be out in a week again.. Fingers crossed they won't run out that quickly!

Trust Betrayed?
Get Support From Your Mafia (x6) Act as Free Gifts.
Declare War 1 Time.
Job: Rob An Electronics Store (x10)

Catch A Rat
Rob 7 Times In New York.
Win 25 Fights In New York.

Stop The Signal
Build 2 Armors.
Upgrade your Armory 1 Time.
Win 1 War.

Clean Slate
Ice 15 opponents in Vegas
Collect from your Hotel 2 times. You can collect from Hotel every 48 hours.
Job: Buy Some Black-Market Info (x15).


  1. I cant start this one :/

  2. I can't start this one either. When I pushed the link nothing happened. I contacted Zynga and did what they instructed. Now it doesn't even show up...

  3. it didnt even show up for me a day after the event started, so theres probably an issue, among all the others! but if its not already showing up on the mission bar then ya, you wont be able to start it yet.. just contact support if its not up in the morning for ya.. the 4 missions only take 2 days total so you'll have time..

  4. here are more missions :/



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