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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MW Addon Hot Fix Update!

After all the code changes from yesterday an update was required for MW addon to start working properly again. Well a hotfix has been applied and everything is back to normal. You can now once again use Battlefield without any issues. And can start publishing your operations!  So Happy Gaming!

(Get Newest Version)
And remember: If you are still on version 2.9.51 or below when you go to update it will say you are downgrading, you must uninstall the extension first. This was due to a version mislabeling in the last few releases. 

(Battlefield is working again)

(Operations Are Working Again)

Recent Changes:

Feb 8th
Fixed Battlefield! and Operations links features caused by a Zynga change.

Feb 5th
Modified "Heal In" to use the new "New York" fast healing introduced by Zynga in all cities.
Some little improvements.

Home Feed Center
Added Option to set "Log Length" in General.
"questFeedReward" post will be skipped if limit is reached.
Fixed "Send energy".
Modified "Autoclose", it's now in "General" configuration tab.

Feb 3rd
Added new checks to make sure Battefield fight and heal in the specified city.
Modified "Add new" opponents to list. Now you can add more than 1 profile delimited by lines.

Inventory Analizer
Added a button to generate a new HTML table with the current visible data opening in a browser tab where you can save it.
Added global stats for Attack Strength, Defense Strength, Combined Strength and your total equipped qualities

Home Feed Center
Added a second spend type in Social Missions
- If the first spend type don't match, will be used the second one.
Added filters for some helps categories like War and Collect loot.
- New configuration filters allow you to help only those really want.
- Filters can be added in Regex format and you can add so much as you want.
- Filters must be separated by line break.
Added Bounty category (beta testing, may not work).

My Links
Added new button to reset all links (this will create new ones).
Fixed some links that would don't work.

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