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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MW Addon 0.3.1 Update!

That's right, a new version was just released! Thank You David for adding the inventory analyzer I have been recommending! I'm sure so many of you will love the features and the ability to make sense of your inventory finally! Check it out and the new features listed below!

Get The Updated MW Addon

    Added new Feature "Inventory Analizer" Description: Know what your items need to be away, what you need to be strongest and more, much more..
  • - Show items by categories like Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Animals.
  • - Show your "Top" items filtered by offense, defense and combined.
  • - Show your "Weak" items filtered by offense, defense and combined.
  • - Show your "Needed" items filtered by offense, defense and combined.
  • - Show all your items that can be given away.
  • - The table has info like: active, quality, quantity, equipped in attack, equipped in defense, totals, etc, etc...
  • - Show your current wishlist items.
  • - Possibility to add/remove items from whislist.
  • - Detailed info of selected item like: location, price, type...
  • - Fast link to search selected item in MafiaWars Wikia.
  • Added new Feature "My Links" Description: New popup that let you get special links.
  • - Short Profile link.
  • - Short Promote link and publish button.
  • - Short Crime Spree link and publish button.
  • - Short Slots link and publish button.
  • Battlefield!
  • Added link to current opponent name and to iced/kill events.
  • Fixed countdown when stamina/health is out.
  • Craft Manager
  • Fixed ask for parts publish button.
  • Gift Page
  • Fixed publishing text typo.
  • General
  • Removed "Promote" popup.
  • Removed "Crime Spree" popup.

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