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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh My Aching Heart! Their Back!?

WTF is going on down at Zynga!? first they extend the event, then it ends, now they bring it back for another couple days!? Wish we would've known of this before wasting the hearts I had on lesser items because I would rather just spend them then have let them go to waste! So thanks for nothing I guess! 

But you can't send any new ones out, but you can still collect them if they were sent to you and of course from free gift links, but you're capped by the daily limit (Which for me is still 20, not 40 LIKE THEY CLAIM!) I Think we're all done with this especially when there's already another collection event going on.. But if you missed out on spending em all, here's your second chance..

Cupid has invaded Mafia Wars and Valentine's Day is around the corner! To celebrate the Valentine Holiday, a special Valentine's Day Event has arrived to earn Golden and Broken Hearts to collect 4 different Valentine's Day themed items! So…skip the wilting roses, teddy bears, chocolate boxes and act selfishly to earn and collect as much Valentine's Day loot as you can!
The Love is Hard to Find Combo Event is our first event where there are multiple ways to get items!

Collect Broken Hearts by
  • Completing jobs, winning fights, and robbing properties.
  • Playing the Love is Hard to Find Mini-Game!
  • From free gifts
  • Posting and clicking on wall posts
  • Purchase from the Marketplace
To increase your chances of looting Broken Hearts through jobs, be sure to complete jobs which require higher amounts of energy.  For example, completing jobs in New York or Italy which require the lowest amount of energy to complete will only lower your chance of collecting a Broken Heart.  Jobs that require a higher percentage of your maximum energy will increase your chances of looting a Broken Heart.

A Valentine mini-game will also be available to increase the chances of collecting extra Broken Hearts! This mini-game will appear at random when completing jobs, fights, or robs and present different doors to choose from with a possibility of discovering up to 5 extra Broken Hearts! The first time you play the game, it's free. You can also replay the game for 1 Reward Point. Good Luck!
In addition, it's also possible to earn Golden Hearts, which are equal to 5 Broken Hearts.

Daily Maximum Collection limits (limits reset at midnight local time)
10 Broken Hearts can be looted per day from Jobs (each Broken Heart has a super-rare secret % chance of being a GoldenHearts, for a maximum of 1 per day from Jobs)
10 Broken Hearts can be looted per day from Fighting (each Broken Heart has a super-rare secret % chance of being aGolden Hearts, for a maximum of 1 per day from Fighting)
10 Broken Hearts can be looted per day from Robbing (each Broken Heart has a super-rare secret % chance of being aGolden Hearts, for a maximum of 1 per day from Robbing)
40 Broken Hearts can be collected per day from free gift accepts
  • Each accept has a 1% chance of being a Golden Hearts!
  • Anything after the 40th Broken Heart per day becomes a Mystery Bag.
  • You can receive a maximum of 40 Hearts per day this way
Broken Hearts can be collected per day from your ask for Broken Hearts wall posts.
  • There are no limits to how many times you can post an ask wall post.
  • The first five friends to click on an ask wall post, will send one your way
  • You cannot click to collect from your own wall post - "Nice try, but you cannot collect from you own feed."
10 Broken Hearts can be collected per day from clicking on a friend's wall post.
  • There are two different types of wall posts (ask and share) and you can collect up to 5 for each type.
  • When you click on an ask wall post, it will also send one to your friend.
  • If you have maxed out at 5 for type of wall post, you will get a "You collected the max number of Broken Hearts from this type of feed. Try again tomorrow."
  • If 5 people beat you to the wall post, you will get a "You are too late. All the Broken Hearts have been claimed. Look out for more."
Broken Hearts can be collected per day from clicking on a friend's Golden Heart wall post.
  • You get a Broken Heart, not a Golden Heart
  • If 5 people beat you to the wall post, you will get a "You are too late. All the Broken Hearts have been claimed. Look out for more."
There are no limits to the number of Broken Hearts you can collect from playing the Mini-Game (it just requires 1 Reward Point to replay the Mini-Game)
Broken Hearts can be purchased for 1 Reward Point each in the Marketplace.
When you have enough Broken Hearts, the following Valentine's Day Loot Items will unlock for trade-in -
25 Broken Hearts - Lovebird (52/36) Animal, Common
50 Broken Hearts - Bullet Proof Heart (42/67) Armor, Uncommon
100 Broken Hearts - Total Eclipse (76/45) Vehicle, Rare
150 Broken Hearts - Cardiac Arrest (51/89) Weapon, Superior
This event has been extended to run through February 22st, PST.
Update 2/23, 10:30am PST
The redemption panel will be back up later today and open for 3 more days for redemption of Broken Hearts.  Broken Hearts can still be accepted.  However, they will no longer drop from jobs/fights/robs and can no longer be sent via free gifts or posted on walls.
A small number of accounts with Broken Hearts (or redeemed items) that exceeded the  free limits will have the quantities corrected.

Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation for players who have loved and lost, never loved at all, believe in love at first sight, or that love is blind or a battlefield.  If you have any feedback or opinions about this event, please visit - http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars/

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