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Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Meat Item Has Send Limits!?

Well there's a new animal you can build in the Zoo and you have to collect 10 Meat to make it. Now when you go to collect them you might notice something strange! You can only collect 5 meat per day!? This has to be an error! Like the ammunition and other parts required there is never a limit because then you can't make one per day which is what they want us to do! So make sure you contact Zynga and get them to correct this obvious error! 

 I contacted Zynga myself and got this statement in reply 
"Evan M: Well, yeah, that's the way of this new feature works, this is normal, players will be able to accept just 5 of them per day."  But after further explanation of how they usually work, like the ammunition, I got this in reply "Evan M: Let me transmit your words to the Developers." So just make sure you explain it to them and they will help you out, and we can get this issue fixed.


  1. Your mastery bag contained Amur Leopard ^_^

  2. How stupid, you can only build 1 per day, so why should it matter how many parts/meat you have.

  3. Actually you can build every 18 hrs

  4. We Did It!!




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