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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Raw Meat Now Unlimited!!

Thanks to your help Raw meat is now unlimited and we can accept more than 5 per day! The way it should have been from the start! Now lets go make some leopards!!


  1. There are so many problems with this game and instead of fixing them first they add more stuff to the game so in turn adds more problems. I love playing it but recently it has been a challenge loading, receiving,Giving gifts,missing reward points,game freezes and just about everything in between! I don't know how much longer I will be playing. My straw per say that broke the camels back was when I purchased a brown pelican at trader goh's and it took my reward points and my items and NO Brown pelican! but that aside, the total disregard of the customer service dept to my email i sent them notifying them of the error...They could care less I notice they have a link you can go to if you pay CASH! for missing reward points or items But if you trade them or get them without cash you are S.O.L. Hmmm!

  2. i would not agree any more that is well said they should fix what is broken first

  3. i think this animal should only be build by collectors once. it does not raise your personal stats (like many others do), so to me it is worthless.

  4. wed Feb 9 You've reached your limit for Raw Meat today. You got:
    Free Boost: Smoke Grenade
    +45 fight defense skill
    apparently only unlimited for some!

  5. i think they might have just reverted their decision.. like they always do.. for the past 6-7 days it has been though..



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