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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hidden Charges And Cooked Books Are Giftable!!

That's right! Hidden charges and Cooked Books are now giftable items! They just started showing up on your free gifts page and are giftable from your inventory. So send some out and get some back to help you complete some Italy jobs!!

Send Hidden Charges -> http://tinyurl.com/Send-Mafia-Hidden-Charges
Send Cooked Book -> http://tinyurl.com/Send-Mafia-Cooked-Book

Of course they would set a limit on these, you can only receieve 10 of each before you start getting Mystery Bags instead. Now if you ask me that is not right! And if you want that to change then Contact Zynga! And tell them how you feel about it! If enough people express their opinion they WILL make a change! We have done this before!


  1. they are only giftable via free gifts. you can't chuck them as many people think rigt now

  2. these work GREAT!! Thank you! I was about to give up on Italy alltogether!



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