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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Major Mafia Wars Add-On Update Available!

New Mafia Wars Addon Update Available! You can now collect hearts through battlefield! See more below..

Download the MWAddon Cross Platform Plugin For Chrome so you can keep your settings between browsers!

Main Addon Configuration Screen

The New Operations Center!

Custom Free Gift Center

Mass Accept Free Gift Links!

Free Gift Configuration Screen

This has been Updated!!

Feb 22, 2011 11:42

All new features/tools still "beta", i test it a lot so far, but maybe it's not really "stable", if you get any problem, report here and i will fix it as soon as i can.
If you're using Google Chrome, please, install MWAddon Plug-in here.

Added Cross-Domain compatibility:
- It only work with Mozilla Firefox because Addon need to use GM (greasemonkey) Api to send cross-domain requests.
- To work with Google Chrome, i have made a "Plug-in" which can do it and comunicate with MW Addon, you need to install it to make MWAddon new feature work in chrome.
Added checkbox for publish with facebook user interface, it will avoid "Feed action request limit reached" but only can publish in your own wall.
Operations page feature has been removed. Use "Operations Center" intead.

New Tools

Free Gifts Center
- In order to work, you need to run MWAddon in Firefox or Chrome (with MWAddon pulg-in installed).
Now you can manage your Facebook request, like Home Feed Center can do, sending Thanks you gifts for every one..
Timer lists (a total of 3)
- Requests: A 24h. timer when a Thanks you request fail (normally when reached the limits of request per day)
- Gifts: Skip users thant you've already sent thanks you gift, so it don't send more than 1 gift per user.
- Limit: Skip gifts which you've reached the limit per day (you can modify the text which store the gift in list, for language compatibilities).
- Facebook request
- Can accept almost gifts, included Crime Spree.
- Posibility to send thanks request with a message.
- Can remove facebook request when successed, ignored, or never.
- If it can't handle a gift, will show a message with a new link to open the request in a new tab.
- Massive Collector
- You can paste here all shorted links that you found in most forums and collect all.
- Support almost gifts and crime spree.
- You can add so many links as you want, because it's an automatic process.
- Support almost shorting url formats.
- Only detect gifts with pattern of : {gift name} (: or =>) {short link}.
- Only load valid links, it mean links that is for mafia wars.
- You can set the amout of links you want to open for every gift.
- Posibility to filter gifts.

Operations Center
New tool based in operations page which make it more faster to handle and work with operations.
All pages is loaded in a row.. and all operations is showed in a list where you can:
- See slots, if there is slackers, and some info more.
- Almost actions like in operations page like "Do Job", "Start a new operation", "Collect rewards"...
- Of course... "Publish" action is present.
- etc..
Posibillity to send posts to leaders to "Remember" mission status.
Posibility to get All links from All mission just 1 click.
Posibility to Publish All missions (in same post) just 1 click.
What missions are shorted/published?
- If you haven't masterized a mission only "Do Job" button appear, instead of publish button, it work too for "All" buttons which will not include the missions.
- Only missions with "NO" slackers in, and Masterized can be published.
- Only missions with "NO" slackers in, and Masterized can be shorted.
- Anyway if you really want to publish/short missions with slackers, there is a checkbox for enable it.
Energy and Stamina is showed too to make it easy do operations.


Gift Page
"Use short links" checkbox has been removed.
"Get Short Links"
- It work like old mode, showing a new popup with all shorted links and possibility to publish/edit a note.
New "Publish Links"
- This new button will get All checked gifts and publish All them in an unique post, and posibility to publish in groups.

Added checbox for Name filter to enable/disable regex, so users that don't know how it work can still using old method.

Home Feed Center
Added filter configuration for "collect rewards" to avoid the limits of some posts. which can't be handled by Addon.


  1. thx for the chrome plug - I hope it works now. thx

  2. question is it to many actions or code to be written into a bookmarklet?

  3. I love it! The new Free Gifts Center is fantastic.

  4. its great but i thaught maybe u can add an option to save the links we added so we wont have to copy rhem every time we get in/ btw great stuff man



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