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Saturday, May 14, 2011

How To Unlock Atlantic City!

Well ever since the America Under Siege mission set Atlantic City went AWOL! And for some reason still is! Well that's because they introduced a new city to replace Uptown (The first Level) and if you have already mastered the tiers, or in cases like mine: even started playing, the city drop-down menu is showing up blank and just says locked, more coming soon! This is a known issue with Zynga support and all they will do is tell you they are working on a fix and it will be available soon..

Well.. If you are like me and are sick of waiting for Zynga to get off their duffs and actually fix the issue.. There is a way to get around this bizarre glitch so you can get access to the new level and then actually finish the ones you have probably already started! 

Here's what you have to do to re-unlock Atlantic City: 
  • Load up Mafia Wars Mobile Unframed (http://bit.ly/MafiaWarsMobile
  • See if you can access any of the levels (you might be lucky and just had have to load it unframed)
  • if not, paste javascript:(function(){loadPage('mobileweb?xw_controller=StoryMobile&xw_action=view&iframe=1&storyId=9')})() into the address bar and hit enter
  • Complete the jobs that have loaded in the screen!

Once you have finished the intro level: Uptown should be unlocked again for you to continue. If not, do the following:
  • Load up Mafia Wars Mobile Unframed (http://bit.ly/MafiaWarsMobile
  • paste javascript:(function(){loadPage('mobileweb?xw_controller=StoryMobile&xw_action=view&iframe=1&storyId=1')})() into the address bar and hit enter
  • You will now be in the Uptown Atlantic City Levels
  • Complete the jobs that have loaded and the following 3 stages will be unlocked as you go!

Now you can go get your missing mastery rewards, or if nothing else, a bunch of skill points for completing the jobs! That's 24 per district, 120 Total if you haven't done any of them yet!


  1. It worked! Thanks so much!

  2. I have 100% mastered eveything in Uptown, yet all the other regions are still saying locked.. any ideas?

  3. same problem for, uptown is fully mastered but the others are still locked



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