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Thursday, May 26, 2011

X-Men First Class Collection Event!

Well as promised earlier this week: The X-Men have arrived! And it's another collection event, but this time there are a lot more items to collect in order to obtain the grand prize. Seven in all, 4 obtained from jobs, and 3 obtained while fighting (and I assume robbing is included in that).

Send out your spares to help out your mafia family! You can only gift after then 10, so don't worry about losing any you might need!

They actually force you to get rid of any items after 10, if you don't gift them within 30 minutes of getting them then they will just be discarded, so you might as well help out your mafia family!


  1. I just cleared like 60 boards and no X-Men Items. I did get a butt-load of them while fighting. There are also 2 giftable items a "Frost's Diamond Form" and a "Magneto Magnetism"

  2. wow, really? it didn't say I was collecting any, but apparently I was (as you can see) and that was just from 2k stamina! That's a pretty high drop rate, or maybe it's just me :)



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