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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Watchout For New Verify Account Scam!

There's always been several of these floating around but here's a new one showing up and in mass numbers! so be careful and DO NOT CLICK IT! And the ironic thing is that it states it will help prevent spam, when in turn it hijacks your account and spams the hell out of your friends!
It loads this script:
Which under further investigation loads a malicious script on another website that grabs all of your info, snags all your friends info and makes a post to as many profiles as it can, and the weird thing is that it shows it comes from an iPhone, making the spam a little more believable. I haven't seen that before but beware! If you have fallen victim to this change your password immediately and in your account settings see if any other facebook sessions are active and remove them. You will be ok after that.

1 comment:

  1. It is also very important to go into ur privacy settings and make sure no one can see ur email or other personal info except u. As an extra precaution, I also make it so that no one can see my friends' list unless they r friends with me...what ppl do not realize is that every time they click like on a company or certain groups, that they are trying to take all of you and your friends personal information...some use it to hack u and ur friends, and some only sell it. If u r giving them ur email address, then they only need to gain access to ur computer to get all of ur passes and such...so, plz protect urself- also make sure u have an antivirus that is running and updated at all times. U can get AVG and AVAST for free. Both r decent antivirus programs in my opinion.



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