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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Smoke And Mirrors Mission Event!

There's a new mission event available. Like normal there is a grand prize at the end, but this one does seem to be a bit heftier in length but the same principle in mind. So get to it, here is the info on the missions to help you through it!

Fight 22 opponents in Brazil.
Clear 2 robbing boards.
Build 2 Vehicles. (Chop Shop)

Might and Magic
Get support from your maifa (6x). (Free Gift Requests)
Take out 12 Angry Cult Members. (Requires 8 Stamina)
Job: Burn Down A Jungle Hideout (15x). (Belem)

Job: Smuggle a Shipment Through Aeroporto de Belem (20x). (Belem)
Win 15 fights in Brazil.
Loot 15 Luggage Bags from fights.

Get 8 crew members in Brazil.
Loot 12 Documents from job. (Rio de Janeiro: Centro Ask an Informant About Local Crime Activity)

Get Even
Rob 20 times in Brazil.
Loot 10 Manila Envelopes from robbing.
Job: Blackmail a Cathedral Representative (25x). (Rio de Janeiro: Centro)

Public Flogging
Get support from your mafia (8x). (Gift Requests)
Ice 3 opponents in Brazil.

Hedge Funds
Rob 16 Headquarters in Brazil.
Loot 12 Bundles of Dynamite from robbing.
Job: Demolish A Rooftop Helipad (15x). (Sao Paolo: Heliopolis)

Shrunken Head Collection
Take out 10 Cult Leaders. (Requires 10 Stamina)
Job: Sink a Cargo Ship in Port (18x). (Recife)
Declare a War 1 time.


  1. On "Shrunken Head Collection" I had to build 2 weapons in addition to those tasks you list.

  2. Get 8 crew members in Brazil. ==> clear

    Loot 12 Documents from job. (Rio de Janeiro: Centro Ask an Informant About Local Crime Activity) ==> blank ??? (I have tried this task many times but I did not get the document. please give me an answer to this mission.)

    thank you

  3. some bugfixes from script such as userscript may causes error on gameplay so try turn it off



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