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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Create RewardVille Mystery Gift Links & More!

Well I have showed you this process before with the Energy Links but here it is again to show you that it can even be done with the RewardVille Mystery Gift!

  • Click the Mystery Gift to start the send gift process.

  • When the popup appears: right click the "Send RewardVille Gift Request" Button and click inspect element.

  • It will then show a window at the bottom of the screen like this, just scroll up a little and you will see this code. Just right click the code and click edit attribute.

  • Then select the code in between the apostrophes. It will always follow the code <fb:req-choice url= (First click once after the apostrophe to un-select everything highlighted, then click and drag your cursor over the code until right before the second apostrophe to highlight it. Hit Ctrl+C to copy)

  •  Go to bit.ly or some other URL shortening service to shorten the URL

  • I suggest you create a photo to share your link (Especially since you can share to groups now)

  •  And there you go, your very own Mystery Gift Link for RewardVille that can be used like the rest of them!

Remember that this can used for anything with the facebook send button, so this will definately come in handy during mission and other collection events where the free gift link option is unavailable! So have fun and good luck!

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1 comment:

  1. how to create reward link mafia wars 2 ??



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