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Monday, May 9, 2011

MW Addon Update!

Make sure you are using the newest version, don't miss out on these great new features!..

You can create custom lists for your gifts (which is great if you like to publish the links directly cause there's a 25 gift limit when doing that) and you can now disable grouping if you want!

You can now set the limit of what to scan to posts and days!

There are now checkboxes so you can choose which links to publish!

Updated Post Options (will ask for permission if MW needs it)

May 6, 2011 00:32
    My Links
  • Fixed, Links and Names was mixed up.

May 5, 2011 12:51
  • Modified "Target Selection" popup UI and now, clicking "Close" just cancel.
  • Gifts Page
  • Personal links included in "Short Links" are configured in "My Links" feature.
  • Added "Invert Selection" button.
  • Added new feature to save/load your selections.
  • Added Save, Update and Remove buttons to handle your Selections.
  • My Links
  • Added checkboxes to every Link to set it on/off
  • -The links configured here work either for "Publish all" or while getting short links in Gift Page. Free Gifts Center
  • Fixed height of field when text is so big.
  • Free Gifts Center (Massive Collector)
  • Links detection has been modified and seem to work better.
  • Massive Collector now send gifts back. (Only can use Facebook request, so be aware when using it).
  • Added new option to set how many days old you want to start scanning.
  • Added user ID and link to MW profile when an error success.
  • Home Feed Center
  • Rewrited a lot of code.
  • Posts are collected from more updated (recently posted) to last one.
  • Added Post limit option. It allow you to set how many post you want to scan.
  • Added "0" seconds delay option when collecting posts (collecting more fast). be aware about this.

May 1, 2011 01:03
    Free Gifts Center
  • Fixed to detect gift names with special chars.
  • Multi Gifter
  • Now delay will be a value of 3 seconds if a NaN value is set for dealy.

1 comment:

  1. Updated MW Add ons on Firefox and Im getting this on the homefeeds There was an error while loading your home posts
    Maybe it's a temporal facebook problem.
    Try again later
    Any suggestions ?



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